What to Expect

If You are Always Hot

The Smart Topper will cool you so you can sleep soundly ... more

If You are Always Cold

Do you hate diving into a freezing bed and shivering all night?  The Smart Topper will warm you up ... more

If You are a Couple

Call a truce on the thermostat war with your spouse.  Both of you can be comfortable ... more

How Does it Work?

How Does the Smart Topper Cool?

Learn how the Smart Topper cools you while you sleep ... more

How Does the Smart Topper Heat?

The Smart Topper evenly heats the surface of the bed.  Learn how it works ... more

How to Use the Smart Topper

Getting Started

A quick introduction on the use of the Smart Topper.  It is best to read before your first night ... more

Remote Control on Your Phone

You can control the Smart Topper using an App on your phone or tablet ... more

Built In Controls

There is a simple user interface built into each side of the Smart Topper.  Read how to use these buttons and power switch ... more

Burst Mode

Hot Flashes?  Overheated?  Super cold?  Try the burst mode for quick relief ... more

Audible Feedback

The Smart Topper will provide audible cues when buttons are pressed so you can tell what you are doing at night ... more

Foot Heater

The Smart Topper foot heater option adds extra warmth for your feet.  No more cold feet!  Learn how it works ... more


For a warm cozy bed at bedtime you can setup preheating ... more

Automatic Start/Stop

The Smart Topper Controller App includes scheduling functions that automatically preheat, start and stop the Topper ... more

Cover Washing and Replacement

The Smart Topper cover is removable and washable.  Learn more about washing the cover or getting a replacement ... more

Technical Information

Comfort, Materials and Durability

The Smart Topper is very comfortable and a great addition to the comfort of your mattress.  Read on to find out more about the construction and materials ... more

Topper Sizes

Details on the sizes and layout of the Smart Topper models ... more

Power Usage

The Smart Topper uses very little power to heat or cool ... more

Phone and WiFi Compatibility

Details about what phones and WiFi networks are needed ... more

Certification and Safety

Read about Perfectly Snug's safety approach ... more