Are you hot and your spouse cold?  Do you open the window every night just to have your spouse close it?  Many couples struggle with differing bedtime temperature and bedding preferences.  The result is years of struggle for good sleep.  If one of you sleeps well it is likely the other did not.

The person that is always hot likely prefers to have thin blankets or only a sheet.  They prefer the room to be 20 C (68 F) or even colder.  They toss and turn all night on the hot mattress and struggle to get some deep sleep.

The person that is always cold wears thick socks and pajamas to bed.  Their ideal bed is a cocoon of thick fluffy bedding.  If it is too cold, they wake up with tense muscles and a feeling of restlessness from trying to stay warm all night.

For a such a couple, you will find a large benefit from the Smart Topper as each sleeper can choose their preferred temperature.  The sleeper who is typically overheating in bed will find rest from a mattress surface that remains cool.  No more tossing and turning to find a tolerably cooler spot to sleep on.  The sleeper who usually feels cold can enjoy a preheated bed and warmed feet.  If you need some extra heat in the night to be cozy, then the topper will provide some heat.  You both can enjoy the same blankets and room temperature.

At bedtime, the hot sleeper can have some airflow cooling their body down to a good sleeping temperature in the start phase.  The airflow is gentle and flows under and around your body and can be adjusted.  However, the cold sleeper can climb into a preheated bed with a little extra warmth at their feet.  No more shivering trying to warm up the bed to a comfortable temperature.

During the nighttime sleep phase, the Smart Topper senses your body temperature and adjusts the heating and cooling to your preferred temperature.  The hot sleeper will typically need some airflow all night keeping them cool and dry, however, the airflow is not noticeable while you sleep. The mattress will not heat up so you will be comfortable to stay in one spot.  The cold sleeper, depending on the temperature of the room and their preferred settings may receive some heat during the night keeping them cozy and warm.

As the morning approaches, the wake phase setting allows each sleeper if they want to have a gentle increase in the temperature enabling a natural wakeup.

The Snug Topper App, installed on your phone or tablet, allows the quick and simple setup of each sleeper’s preferences and sleep timing.  Each side of the Smart Topper is equipped with independent bedside controls for quick easy temperature adjustments.