If you tend to be cold when getting into bed, then setting up the scheduler to automatically preheat your topper before getting into bed is recommended. The Smart Topper will start heating up 1 hour before bedtime so that it is warm for you at the set time. 

The heater in the Smart Topper is low powered to ensure safe operation and slowly heats up the bedding.  Do not expect instant heat as it can take 20 minutes to perceive the heating and 60 minutes to get to a noticeably warm temperature.  Also, be aware that once the bedding is heated up it can take up to 15 minutes of cooling to reduce the temperature.  The fans will not run while the Smart Topper is heating.

For best results from preheating, cover your bed with a thick duvet (comforter) during the preheat time.  If there are no blankets on top of your bed while heating is on, there is nothing to retain the heat in the bed and it will not heat up much or at all.  

Recommended settings for a cold sleeper:





Foot Warmer

Cold Winter Night





Cool Fall/Spring Night





Hot Summer Night






What you should expect on a Cold Winter Night?

With the above settings, at bedtime your bed will be warm in the torso area and slightly warmer at the feet.  It will be very cozy and will take your chills away.  You likely won’t need to wear socks to bed and later wake take them off.

During the night the Smart Topper will monitor your sleep environment temperature and may provide a little airflow as it enters the sleep phase, 30 minutes after your set bedtime.  This airflow will gently cool the bed a bit so you don’t overheat.  If your bed gets too warm an almost imperceptible level of airflow throughout the night will make the sleep environment dry and cozy.  If your bed gets too cool then the heaters will provide some warmth, with a little extra warmth for your feet.

As you wake the temperature of your bed will increase slightly providing you a more natural wake up.

What you should expect on a Hot Summer Night?

With a start setting of 2 the Smart Topper will barely pre-heat before you climb into bed.  You would likely not perceive the heat but only notice that the bed is not cold. 

After you climb in, your body will heat the bed and the fans will start circulating some air to keep you cool.  You should use a light blanket or sheet only, as a heavy duvet will keep too much heat in.  Depending on how hot the you and room are, the fans may circulate more or less air.  The sleep surface below you will be maintained at a cool temperature and the Smart Topper will not allow the bed to get hot. The gentle airflow will also remove any humidity from around your body keeping you dry and comfortable through the night.

As the temperature of your room increases, the fans will provide more airflow to keep you cool.  Some prefer a very quiet sleep environment, and you can use the quiet setting, which will limit the blowers to 50%.  On a hot night you can expect to have some fan noise at the foot of the bed similar to a typical floor fan. 

For best cooling performance, it is recommended to use breathable sheets, don’t use a mattress protector over the topper and ensure that the foot area of the topper is clear of obstructions.  

Changing Settings During the Night

If you find you are too hot or cold, it is recommended to adjust the temperature settings using the bedside buttons rather than the App.  Squinting at a phone screen in the night does not promote good sleep!  Rapid thermal relief is also available using the Cold or Hot Burst feature.

Keep in mind that it can take a few nights to figure out what settings work for you.  A typical sleeper will start to experience deeper undisturbed sleep within a few days of testing different settings.