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The Smart Topper

The Smart Topper changes your bed into a cooled and heated dual zone climate controlled bed.

Greatly improve your sleep quality.  No more tossing and turning looking for a cold spot.  Controlled airflow will keep you cool and at the right temperature.

Couples both sleep well.  Use the same blankets, in every season, without fighting over the thermostat.  Each person controls the temperature of their side of the bed.

Eliminate or reduce night time hot flashes.  Preventing overheating while you sleep makes hot flashes less likely.

Eliminate or reduce night time sweats.  Controlled airflow keeps you cool and dry.

Climb into a cozy warm bed with extra warm feet.  Preheating the bed and the foot heater is pure luxury.

Optimize your sleep by contouring your bed temperature through the night.  The temperature of your bed can change through the night according to your preference, so you can fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly and wake up naturally.

     The sleep of your dreams.

    $859 USD


    • Cools by blowing air under and around the sleeper
    • Warms body and feet separately using electric heaters
    • Dual-zone climate control with independent settings for each side
    • Foot warming option on each side of the bed
    • Remote control for your phone to set your preferences:
    • three sequential temperature settings contour your bed temperature through the night
    • schedule sleep and wake times for automatic preheat, start and stop
    • foot warmer temperature level
    • volume level for speaker
    • Control buttons built into each side of the topper for easy temperature adjustment. Your phone is not needed during the night
    • Burst mode for maximum cool or warm for quick relief
    • Materials are high quality specialized airflow material, durable outer cover and CentiPUR memory foam. Latex free.
    • Canadian designed and manufactured. Patent pending.
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    Canada Canada
    No More Cover Flipping

    In 33 years of married life, I have not gone an entire night in our bed without flipping the covers off of my feet multiple times, and, in the process, disturbing my wife's sleep. With the Smart Topper, I was able to set a cool temperature at bedtime on my side of the bed, while my wife preferred a warm setting. Using the app, I had the temperature automatically warm up in the morning when I am typically waking up looking for the blankets to pull back over my legs. Of course, in my slumber, I am known to pull them off of my wife in the process. This did not happen and I had a wonderful sleep. The cooling effect is subtle - I was expecting a breeze; what I got was a consistently pleasant, cooler temperature of the sheets beneath me. The heating is similar; a definite warmer feel, but not enough to be extreme. The fans that create the subtle flow of air are quiet and did not interrupt my sleep. This concept, I believe, is revolutionary and will change the way people sleep. What a COOL product!

    Elizabeth M.
    Canada Canada
    snug topper

    Labour intensive! Jason was very patient over several phone calls, finally discovered the problem was our wifi network and problem solved. Thank you Jason, now PERFECTLY HAPPY!

    Perfectly Snug

    Very glad we could get your wifi working and we are happy to hear that your are enjoying your topper! Sleep well!

    Canada Canada
    Sleeping way better!

    This is state of the art. I'm amazed how it monitors my temperature and kicks in when I need it. Just thinking about the topper gives me a cozy feeling, like I want to go crawl in my bed. lol I'm waking at 6 am fully rested... I've never done that in my life.

    Canada Canada
    Night time hot flashes gone!

    I’ve always been the one that had the extra blanket to keep me warm, and my hubby always slept with barely a blanket. However in the last year, that changed due to my incessant hot flashes. As many of you know, it makes for a disrupted sleep when you are experiencing these flashes. Introduce this amazing topper. The first night I tried it, not one hot flash! I slept the entire night. I couldn’t believe it! The cool or warm blast option is pretty incredible too when you need just a burst of heat or cooling. The other awesome part about this topper is the ability to have the foot warmer at the beginning of the night. You can’t fall asleep with cold feet! It is the perfect combination of warming and cooling exactly when and where you need it. You won’t regret getting this topper.

    Canada Canada

    Not too firm, not too soft, just right! My husband likes the air cooling and (because opposites attract) I like the foot warmer. However, in the summer months we both agree that it is air cooling all the way!