Perfectly Snug

The Smart Topper

The Smart Topper changes your bed into a cooled and heated dual zone climate controlled bed.

Greatly improve your sleep quality.  No more tossing and turning looking for a cold spot.  Controlled airflow will keep you cool and at the right temperature.

Couples both sleep well.  Use the same blankets, in every season, without fighting over the thermostat.  Each person controls the temperature of their side of the bed.

Eliminate or reduce night time hot flashes.  Preventing overheating while you sleep makes hot flashes less likely.

Eliminate or reduce night time sweats.  Controlled airflow keeps you cool and dry.

Climb into a cozy warm bed with extra warm feet.  Preheating the bed and the foot heater is pure luxury.

Optimize your sleep by contouring your bed temperature through the night.  The temperature of your bed can change through the night according to your preference, so you can fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly and wake up naturally.

$859 USD


  • Cools by blowing air under and around the sleeper
  • Warms body and feet separately using electric heaters
  • Dual-zone climate control with independent settings for each side
  • Foot warming option on each side of the bed
  • Remote control for your phone to set your preferences:
  • three sequential temperature settings contour your bed temperature through the night
  • schedule sleep and wake times for automatic preheat, start and stop
  • foot warmer temperature level
  • volume level for speaker
  • Control buttons built into each side of the topper for easy temperature adjustment. Your phone is not needed during the night
  • Burst mode for maximum cool or warm for quick relief
  • Materials are high quality specialized airflow material, durable outer cover and CentiPUR memory foam. Latex free.
  • Canadian designed and manufactured. Patent pending.
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Susan T.
Canada Canada
Great solution for hot memory foam mattress!

I have a memory foam mattress that I love because it’s great for my back, but it really retains heat & this makes sleep difficult …the Smart Topper allowed me to keep my memory foam mattress & actually sleep COOL. The Smart Topper did not alter the comfort of my mattress, it remains comfortable for my back. As a very light sleeper, I was concerned about the sound of the fans, but they are very quiet & actually create kind of a soothing sound. Customer service is excellent, Jason is very responsive & helpful. I highly recommend this product!

Martin M.
Canada Canada

My wife is still working out the Menopause kinks. But, I'm having a great sleep. Love it !

Ezra N.
United States United States
So far so good

My wife hasn’t had a night sweat yet. The product obviously works. It does put her up on a platform in the bed, which obviously if one side of the bed has a topper, how could that not be the case. But, something to think about. It’s been about 5 nights so we will keep going with it.

Caitlyn C.
United States United States
Love it!

Easy to set up and instantly work!

United States United States

This mattress topper has exceeded my expectations. It's the only topper I found like this. I used to be a hot sleeper now that I am creeping into menopause...until now. This is worth every penny!! With a 30 day money back guarantee, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DO IT NOW! Quick shipping too. Needed customer support and they reached out and helped me fix our problem, which was only user error. Would definitely recommend!!