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Natasha G.

Worth every penny! My husband and I haven’t slept so well in ages. The duel zoning and schedule set up is brilliant. Easy to use app, easy to follow instructions for set up. The impeccable customer service cannot be beat.

Rita V.

Menopausal women will particularly love this product, and having dual heat / cooling control for either side of the bed is genius! Regardless of age, couples in general will find Smart Topper a fantastic addition to their beds...

How It Works

The Smart Topper fits on top of any standard size bed. Simply unbox, place on your existing mattress and make your bed as usual.

No bulky floor units or water! Located at the head of the Smart Topper, plug the power cords directly to any standard wall outlet.

Perfectly snug temperature controlled smart bed

Set your sleep temperature schedule with our Perfectly Snug app, and use the controls on the side of the topper for manual adjustments.

Your Smart Topper will automatically sense and adjust cooling and heating based on your body's temperature and each of your individual sleep preferences.

Sleep Better at the Perfect Temperature

Greatly improve your sleep quality

No more tossing and turning looking for a cold spot. Controlled airflow will keep you cool and at the right temperature.

Eliminate or reduce night time sweats

Controlled airflow keeps you cool and dry.


Dual Zone Controls

Separate controls for each side of the bed

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Brodie D.
United States United States

Happy Wife... Happy Life

I bought this because my wife sleeps hot, and I sleep cold. I was adding a heating pad to prewarm the bed and my wife was tossing and turning all night trying to remain cool. Neither of us was sleeping well. My wife now sleeps through the night and wake up in the same position she was when she went to sleep. I get to climb into a warm bed, and it keeps us both perfectly regulated all night. It did not affect the comfort of our high-end mattress and is nearly silent. I can highly recommend this for anyone whos sleep is affected by heat or cold.

sandra R.
United States United States

Wish we had purchased this sooner!

We both love the smart topper, he likes it warmer and I like it cooler. Love the ease of programing and adjusting our preferences. Low noise from the fan.

leigh a.
United States United States


I have tried so many of these water and air type temperature control systems. I didn’t know if this would be any different, but it is. This is so easy to use. The app has a couple bugs, but I can look past that. PS can also be controlled from built in buttons that can easily be reached while lying in bed. The temperature is so comfortable. It takes a few nights to find out what works best, but once that happens, it is pure magic. I like that there are no machines under the bed. This is very quiet, even on high. Both my husband and I are sleeping very well now. And no more worries about moldy water or leaking on our hardwood floors. This mattress topper is worth every penny. Highly recommended.

Melanie D.
United States United States

Life saver

Great! Only time in 60 years able to finally sleep thru the nite now that I can control heat and cooling. This company is phenomenal to deal with and super helpful.

Christopher D.
Canada Canada

Cooling is great

I used to go to sleep cold and wake up around 4am every night with my back burning hot. I have my smart topper set to warm me when I first get in bed and then cool me an hour later until I wake. The topper detects how hot I am and cools me through the night so I don’t wake up. It has improved my sleeping a lot. My wife sleeps cold and the topper keeps her warm through the night. I would highly recommend the topper for hot sleepers or when 1 person sleeps hot and the other sleeps cold.

Dana K.
United States United States


This product is exactly as advertised. It is expensive but the investment is well worth it. It is actually very comfortable to sleep on and my husband is sleeping better than he has in years. He is a hot sleeper but no longer has this issue with the perfectly snug. I am loving it as well. Love the the way you can program it to your preferences and how it can be preset to turn on and off at specific times. This has been a game changer. So glad we purchased it. Can’t say enough good things about it.

Siobhan P.
United States United States

Prefectly Snug.

I love this product. I sleep hot and my partner sleeps cold, the app allows me to make the perfect temperature for both of us. If the temperature needs to be adjusted in the night the control on the side of the topper allows quick adjustment. Also the customer support is superlative. I have used every cooling/warming mattress and this is by far the best.

Sheila B.
United States United States

Finally comfortable sleeping

Love out new topper , my husband and I are delighted. Two separate controls lets each of us personalize our sleeping experience. I love getting in to bed with a toasty warm start and have it adjusted down later in my sleep mode to a cool sleep since I generally have hot flashes about 3 am . I have slept through the night never adjusting what I have set. My husband get to have his side at comfortable warm setting all through the night and hard to get him out of the bed in the morning. This has been such a pleasant experience and definitely wish we would have made this purchase earlier, my life just got better. Thank you such a good product