If you tend to have cold feet when getting into bed, then using the foot heater option is recommended.  This option makes the foot area of the topper warmer than the body area.  Preheating is a must for this option if you want it heated for when you get into bed as the foot heater takes 30 to 60 minutes to heat up.

Foot Heat Level

The foot area will feel like:

Recommended for:


Slightly warm

Cool feet at bedtime, sleep phase = 2 or colder



Cold feet at bedtime, sleep phase = 2 to 5


Very warm

Very cold at bedtime, sleep phase = 5 or hotter


If you are not able to sleep well with a hot bed, then foot heat level 3 is not recommended, as it will take a significant duration of cooling to cool the bed down.  Try foot heat = 1 for better results.

For best results, cover your bed with a thick duvet during preheating.