Compliance and Third Party Testing

The Smart Topper has been reviewed and stringently tested by an accredited third party for compliance to UL (USA) and CSA (Canada) standards.  This review and testing are extensive and covers electrical safety, over heating protection, flammability of materials, construction and manufacturing process control.

In addition, the Smart Topper has been third party tested according to Canadian and American Consumer Product Safety requirements.  This testing further ensures compliance to bedding flammability requirements put in place to protect consumers in North America.

You can view our Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC) certificate here.

Low Voltage Operation

Safety of our customers is so important to us, that we went beyond the normal standards for electrical safety in bedding.  We chose instead to supply the Snug Topper with harmless low voltage DC power so there is no potential for harm. 

Thermal Protection

The Smart Topper was designed, built and tested for ultra-safe operation ensuring that the bedding never gets too hot.  

Electro Magnetic Waves

In order to minimize unknown harm from Electro Magnetic Emissions, DC voltage (which does not create oscillating EM waves) was selected to supply the heaters in the Smart Topper.  

The Snug Topper is a WiFi connected device that connects to your phone through your home WiFi.  This uses the existing WiFi signals in your home.