The heating in the Smart Topper is accomplished using a distributed electric heating element inside the topper that is very energy efficient.  It is sufficiently far from the touchable sleep surface and the temperature of the heating element is strictly controlled to ensure safe temperatures.

With safety as a priority, the heater in the Smart Topper is low powered and slowly heats up the bedding.  Do not expect instant heat as it can take 20 minutes to perceive the heating and 60 minutes to get to a noticeably warm temperature.  Also, be aware that once the bedding is heated up it can take up to 15 minutes of cooling to achieve a cool bed temperature. 

The heater on each side of the topper is divided into two sections – body and foot.  This allows having increased temperatures in the foot area of the topper to bring comfort to those who have cold legs and feet.  

The fans will not run while the Smart Topper is heating.