The Smart Topper is equipped with small fans in the foot of the bed.  These fans pull cool air from the foot of the bed and circulate it under the sleeper’s body.  The air permeates though the mattress surface under the sleeper’s body and out through the bedding, removing heat and excess humidity. 

The temperature of the sleeper’s body is monitored using a network of thermal sensors and during the night the Smart Topper automatically controls the amount of airflow needed to keep you at your set temperature.

Typically, for a hot sleeper on a cold/cool winter night, the fan will only be needed at 20% power.  This is just enough to keep the mattress surface from overheating and keep the sleep environment dry and fresh.  You will not likely notice the airflow. 

A warmer spring/fall night would typically need 30% fan power through the night for a hot sleeper.  You may be able to feel this airflow level.

On a summer night you would likely experience 50% fan power and feel a gentle airflow at your sides as you sleep.  Also, the mattress will maintain a cool feeling under you.  On hot nights when the temperature of your room is 27 C (81 F) or higher you can expect that the airflow required to keep you cool to be 75% to 100% of fan power.  The temperature of your room will not decrease but the temperature of the bed below you will not heat up during the night.

The fans are very quiet at low speed and make similar noise to a typical floor fan when the fans are at a higher speed.