Each side of a dual zone Smart Topper has a simple physical control interface that has two buttons and a power switch. The top button increases the temperature setting, while the bottom lowers the setting.

The Smart Topper can be controlled using these two buttons alone. 

The App is required only for setting preferences and initially setting up the topper.  To adjust the temperature settings at night use the bedside buttons rather than the App, since squinting at a phone screen in the night does not promote good sleep!

Quick Button Press when the Smart Topper is running

Increases/Decreases the temperature setting of the active phase of the night.  Audible feedback tells you the new setting. 

If the button is pressed during the sleep phase of the night, the wake phase is similarly adjusted so that the desired relative heat-up or cool-down is maintained.

Quick Press when the Smart Topper is NOT running

Starts the Smart Topper running with no change in setting.  Audible feedback tells you that the topper has ‘Started’ and what temperature level it is set to. 

All phases of the night are set to the same level in this case.  This action enables using the topper without any use of the App.  Any subsequent quick button presses, when the Smart Topper is started with these buttons, will adjust the settings of all 3 phases of the night.

Burst Mode - Five Second Button Press when topper is running

Engages Burst Mode where the blowers (top button) or heaters (lower button) are temporarily set to maximum power.  After 7 minutes of maximum cooling the regular settings are automatically resumed.  Similarly, after 15 minutes of maximum heater power the regular settings are automatically resumed. When the Burst Mode is activated the Smart Topper will provide audible feedback of “Cold Burst” or “Hot Burst”.

This feature is particularly useful if you wake in the night too hot or cold and need rapid relief.  If you wake too hot it is recommended that you adjust the temperature down 2 levels and then engage the Cold Burst.  In this way, after the Cold Burst has completed the Smart Topper will resume a lower temperature for the remaining portion of the night.  A similar action is recommended if you are too cold and need the Hot Burst.

Button and App Interaction

The buttons and the App work in harmony, as do multiple phones and tablets simultaneously running the Perfectly Snug Controller App.  As the buttons are pressed you can witness the changes being made using the overnight screen on the App.

Power Switch

The power switch is used to disengage the power from one sleep zone.  It can be used to stop the topper from operating.  When the power to the topper is turned back on, the topper will say “Welcome to the Smart Topper”.