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Dynamic Cooling and Dual Zones

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The world's first smart topper that adjusts cooling & heating while you sleep.

The Smart Topper is a 2-inch layer that sits on top of your mattress with internal specialized fans and heaters.  The amount of cooling or heating automatically adjusts based on built-in sensors to keep you at your preferred temperature all night long.

Why Perfectly Snug?

Sleep cool and dry all night

The controlled cooling airflow will keep you at the right temperature.

Sleep better

The dual zone feature lets each sleeper control their side of the bed.

No more tossing and turning

Sensors measure and adjust the cooling and heating.

Personalize your experience

Flexible controls let you customize your sleep temperature.

The Smart Topper

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  • Active Airflow: Air is actively delivered under your body to keep you cool and dry.
  • Dual Zone Controls: Separate controls for each side of the bed
  • Smart Sensors: Sensors monitor your body temperature to automatically adjust cooling and heating throughout the night.
  • Flexible controls: Easily set the temperature with our app or with the buttons on each side of the topper.
  • Foot Warming: Say goodbye to icy cold feet with three levels of foot heating.
  • Burst Mode: A burst of cooling or warming is perfect for rapid relief.
  • Scheduled Settings: Set it and forget it with auto start and stop at bedtime and when you wake up.

Set up in minutes

1. Plug in the Smart Topper.

2. Connect your phone and personalize your preferences.

3. Sleep!

The reviews are in!

"Finally... I'm not hot all night!"

Serica M. 

I love our Snug Topper! I have such a difficult time staying asleep, and the Topper has made such a difference for me. It is SO nice to know that I won't be hot during the night. Sometimes I even get cold, which I can then adjust the topper, but I hadn't been cold during the night in years! I had placed my original order for a King Split, and Marty (who I believe is the co-owner), called me to make sure I would be getting what I wanted. Fortunately, he helped me understand that the regular King was what we needed. You don't find proactive customer service like that in many places. Thank you, Jason and Marty for creating this wonderful, easy to use product! It's worth every cent!

"No more cover flipping."

Russ F.

In 33 years of married life, I have not gone an entire night in our bed without flipping the covers off of my feet multiple times, and, in the process, disturbing my wife's sleep. With the Smart Topper, I was able to set a cool temperature at bedtime on my side of the bed, while my wife preferred a warm setting. Using the app, I had the temperature automatically warm up in the morning when I am typically waking up looking for the blankets to pull back over my legs. The cooling effect is subtle - I was expecting a breeze; what I got was a consistently pleasant, cooler temperature of the sheets beneath me. The heating is similar; a definite warmer feel, but not enough to be extreme. The fans that create the subtle flow of air are quiet and did not interrupt my sleep. This concept, I believe, is revolutionary and will change the way people sleep. What a COOL product!

"Best sleep ever!"

Rita V.

What a fabulous product! I've enjoyed the cooling features immensely over the past month, particularly during the recent heat wave. Menopausal women will particularly love this product, and having dual heat / cooling control for either side of the bed is genius! Regardless of age, couples in general will find Smart Topper a fantastic addition to their beds, since many husbands and wives are not in sync for warmth / coolness levels while sleeping. Smart Topper is definitely one of the best product innovations I’ve experienced in ages.

"Why didn't I order this a long time ago?"

Lisa T.

As a 50-year-old woman, sleeping has been getting harder and harder. I would just start to heat-up in the middle of the night. Fans, lighter bedding, and ice packs under my necks helped only so much. Finally, I ordered The Smart Topper...and why didn’t I order this a long time ago? Sleeping has been uninterrupted since. I highly recommend this product.