Perfectly Snug

Dual-Zone Climate Control

Set each side of the bed to a different temperature

Air Conditioning for Your Bed

Cooling airflow cools your body and keeps you dry

Sleep Better

Sleep deeply at your perfect temperature, all night long

The First Climate Controlled Smart Topper For Your Bed

Sleep at your perfect temperature

all night long.

Say Goodbye To:

Hot mattresses

Sweaty sleeps

Nightly hot flashes.

The Smart Topper

The Smart Topper measures your temperature and uses tiny fans and heaters to maintain your ideal temperature.

What People Are Saying

perfectly snug smart topper cooling mattress topper

I Can Finally Sleep!

“I used to toss and turn all night. My mattress was so hot!  The Smart Topper actually cools me.  I don’t roll around and sweat - I just sleep.  It changed my life.”
– Dave

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perfectly snug smart topper cooling mattress topper

Not One Hot Flash!

“The first night I tried it, not one hot flash! I slept the entire night. I couldn’t believe it! The cool blast option is pretty incredible too when you need just a burst of cooling or heating. It is the perfect combination of cooling and warming exactly when and where you need it. You won’t regret getting this topper."
– Colleen

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Perfectly snug Cooling air conditioned smart bed

We Both Sleep Better!

“The Smart Topper works amazing! My husband’s snoring has almost gone away because of the cooling and my feet are always warm! It’s of excellent quality and also super comfortable. Since we got it we are sleeping much better. Highly recommend!”
– Alessandra

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How It Works

Perfectly snug Cooling air conditioned smart bed

Cooling Airflow

The Smart Topper cools you with gentle airflow that passes under and around your body.

To keep you comfortable, the Smart Topper adjusts the cooling and warming throughout the night according to your preferences.

perfectly snug smart topper cooling mattress topper

Warming Comfort

If you are always too cold when you sleep, the Smart Topper will warm you up and keep you at the perfect temperature all night long.

Climb into bed to melt your icy feet with the Smart Topper's foot heater.

Dual-Zone Climate Control

Each side of the bed is controlled independently – you can sleep at your preferred temperature, and your partner at theirs.

Enjoy a preheated bed and foot heating on a cold winter night. No more shivering – it’s awesome!

Perfectly snug temperature controlled smart bed

Control It Your Way

Set preferences for each person using the Perfectly Snug App:
• Your preferred overnight temperature plan
• Schedule preheating and sleep/wake times
• Choose optional foot heating

Easily adjust temperature settings using buttons on the sides of the Smart Topper during the night.

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