Perfectly Snug

Air Conditioned Mattress Topper

Helps keep you at the perfect temperature, all night long

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Designed To Help You Sleep Better

Cooling airflow keeps your body cool and dry

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Dual-Zone Climate Control

Set each side of the bed to a different temperature

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Designed to help you sleep better.
Cooling fanned airflow or thermal warming to keep you comfortable.



Cooling Airflow

Using gentle fanned airflow, the Snug Topper helps cool the body by adjusting to your desired temperature.

As your needs change throughout the night, so does the Snug Topper; cooling or warming based on your comfort.

How it Works

Dual-Zone Climate Control

Customized sleep environments are controlled independently to accommodate varying sleep preferences.

Maximize cooling or warming preference across both zones, or eliminate the need to compromise by personalizing each side of the bed for you and your partner.

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Perfectly Snug App

The Perfectly Snug App allows you to customize your sleep temperature throughout the night.

The app operates through three key phases:
Start: the temperature you like to fall asleep to
Sleep: the temperature for the night
Wake: the temperature you like to wake up to

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