Perfectly Snug

Air-Conditioned Mattress Topper

Helps keep you at the perfect temperature, all night long.

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Cooling Airflow

Using gentle fanned airflow, the Snug Topper helps cool the body by adjusting to your desired temperature.

As your needs change throughout the night, so does the Snug Topper; cooling or warming based on your comfort.

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Dual-Zone Climate Control

Customized sleep environments are controlled independently to accommodate varying sleep preferences.

Maximize cooling or warming preference across both zones, or eliminate the need to compromise by personalizing each side of the bed for you and your partner.

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All-In-One System

The Snug Topper is the only air-conditioned mattress topper that cools using fanned airflow.

Unlike other cooling mattress toppers, the Snug Topper's strategic use of natural airflow eliminates the need for external A/C units in your bedroom.

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"Sleeping on the Snug Topper has been a dream. I wake up less, and feel more energized. Best part is - I'm nice and cool, and my wife can set her own temperature. I can't live without it!"

– Jeff, Vancouver

"The very first night I used the Snug Topper, I slept so wonderfully and woke up fully rested - I was so happy!! The app is easy to use and let me adjust the temperature to what I needed to keep me cool all night!"

– Adina, Langley

"This is so worth the investment. You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep! I love this topper and don’t want to ever go without one again!”

– Brent, Ladner

"After months of difficulty sleeping with hot flashes and constant wake ups, I finally feel a sense of relief. I love my Snug Topper, and am so happy to be able to sleep again."

– Lauren, Tsawwassen