Enabling the scheduler on the settings screen of the App is recommended, as it enables preheating of your bed and also makes it so you don’t have to remember to start the Smart Topper. 

The use of the scheduler is very similar to a thermostat in your home.  You are able to specify two different bed times and wake times and apply those to different days of the week.  This allows you to have settings for weekdays and weekends since a sleep in is always welcome!  The Smart Topper will not automatically start on any days that are not highlighted blue.  

To have the Smart Topper automatically preheat, start and stop then:

1.  Touch the 'Enable Scheduler' check box.

2.  Enter the sleep and wake times.

3.  Touch the days of the week to highlight them blue.

Each side of a dual zone Smart Topper has separate scheduler settings.

Note that the Smart Topper always starts with what is displayed on the overnight screen.  If adjustments are made to the settings during the night either with the physical buttons or the App, these changes will be used for the next night.