The Smart Topper is a conformable layer on top of your mattress designed to flex to the curvature of your body and mattress.  The Topper may add a little stiffness to your soft mattress and conversely, add a little softness to your firm mattress but generally doesn’t fundamentally change the feeling of your mattress.

The topper is 50 mm (2 inches) thick and is soft and conformable.  The top surface of the Smart Topper is made of a 3D mesh fabric that has a permeable upper surface which enables the airflow under your body.  The material, while soft to the touch, does have small holes that can be noticed through the bedding.  This material is removeable and washable.

Below the top surface there is a layer of high quality plush memory foam that provides the comfort expected from modern memory foams.  The memory foam is CentiPUR compliant which requires the foam to pass strict testing for emissions, content, performance, and durability.

The bottom layer of the Smart Topper enables the flow of air from the fans to your body and is made of a unique 3D mesh material.

Smart Topper Durability

The Smart Topper electronic heating and cooling system has been designed to last for the lifetime of your underlying mattress.  Components that are used are high quality and have a track record of excellent reliability and durability.

The foam and fabric materials used are of high quality and demonstrate excellent durability in keeping with best of class mattress industry lifetimes.  To get the most out of your Smart Topper, do not use the Snug Topper without a mattress below it, as this will greatly increase the wear of the topper.