For years I was perpetually tired even though I was in bed 9 to 10 hours, while my wife was well rested with 7 to 8 hours.  She slept like a rock.  I took an hour to fall asleep and would toss and turn all night.  Poor sleep affected my mood, energy level, performance at work and ultimately my health.

One day I said to Marty, co-founder of Perfectly Snug, "what I really need is a thermally controlled bed".  His response was "that's a great idea!" so in late 2018 we started developing the technology that I needed to solve my sleep issues.

Being a bit of a geek, I instrumented my bed with sensors and started studying my sleep.  To my surprise I found that I would lay in one place for 30 minutes and my skin temperature would climb to my core temperature.  Being uncomfortable, I would roll over looking for a cool place.  Every 30 minutes I would move and I never got deep sleep!  I would remove blankets and later wake up cold, get up to cool down and to allow my mattress to cool down.  I should mention this was all on mattresses we painstakingly selected and tested because they were so called "cool mattresses".

Being engineers, we developed many prototypes and my wife and I tested them every night.  The results are a bed that adapts to our personal temperature needs.  I sleep awesomely now and only need 8 hours, every night!  I never take the blankets off or adjust the room temperature.  My wife and I use the same blankets, which was never possible before.  Whenever I'm away from home and have to sleep without the topper my terrible terrible sleep reminds me how much the Smart Topper has improved my life.

My wife, who slept well before, sleeps even better now.  She smiles every night getting into her pre-heated bed as her icy feet thaw.

Our goal is to help as many people sleep well as we can.  Sleep is too important and bad sleep ruins life and health.   With the Perfectly Snug Smart Topper our customers now have better sleep and better life.

We exist to help you sleep!

Jason Elliott

Co-founder, Perfectly Snug