About Us

We created this Smart Topper to help people sleep better so they could enjoy a better quality of life.

As with most great inventions, it all started with a problem. Jason wasn't sleeping well and as a result he was waking up in bad moods, had low energy and noticed a drop in his performance at work and his health overall. So he teamed up with Marty, his co-founder and friend, and together they created this patented mattress topper so you can sleep at your perfect temperature every night. Marty and Jason want everybody to experience the kind of sleep that will allow them to live their best life.

Marty Furse & Jason Elliott, Founders

We Believe

Health and Wellness

We believe that we can help people get a better quality of sleep so they can live a better quality of life.

Sleep Tech

We believe in the sleep research that tells us that temperature impacts the quality of your sleep, so we are committed to using technology to solve the temperature problem.

Personalized Sleep

80% of couples say that they like to sleep at different temperatures. We believe that everybody everywhere should be able to sleep at their perfect sleep temperature for the rest of their lives.

It's All About YOU...

YOU are the reason we have a business. We believe that serving our customers with a great product and customer service experience is the reason we are growing so fast. YOU are at the center of everything that we do.

Keeping It Real!

The mattress industry is full of false claims about sleeping cool. There are fabrics and foams that say they are "cool to the touch" but don't be fooled, most of them don't keep you cool throughout the night.

A few of the big bedding brands have cooling and heating integrated into one of their mattresses but those cost over $10,000. The Perfectly Snug Smart Topper works on ANY mattress and for much less money.

Life is tough enough and waking up tired makes things so much harder. When you make your sleep quality a top priority, you will start to see how great things can be. Let us help you hack your sleep!

is the Sleep Smart System that will

Transform Your Life Through Your Sleep