Perfectly Snug Controller App

Remote Control on Your Phone

The Smart Topper is recommended to be setup and controlled using the ‘Perfectly Snug Controller’ App.

The Smart Topper is best used when connected to your home WiFi, but it can be operated when connected directly to your phone or even with no phone at all, by simply using the buttons in the side of the Smart Topper.

Installing and Updating the App

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for "Perfectly Snug Controller". Select the App and touch Install.

Occasionally, there may be updates to the App. If your device has been setup to automatically update apps, then you don't need to do anything. Otherwise, you may need to periodically check for updates.

Snug Topper bed side buttonss

Using the Smart Topper Without the App

Without the App or a WiFi connection you will be able to:
- start the Smart Topper by pressing the up/down bedside buttons.
(All three phases of the night will be set to the same level and it will run for 10 hrs.)
- turn off or stop the Smart Topper by turning the power switch off.

This functionality, while basic, will still provide the sleeper with improved sleep quality and a good experience with the product. However, it is better to have access to the full functionality through the App.

After you have setup your Smart Topper with the App, you will not need the App often. Simply use the buttons on the side of the topper to make temperature adjustments.

Overnight Screen

This is the main screen you will use to set your temperature preferences.

1. Each side of the Smart Topper can be controlled by touching one of the tabs near the top of the screen.

2. The bed goes through three sequential phases during the night: Start, Sleep, and Wake. Each phase may be separately adjusted by touching the line and sliding it up and down. The number displayed indicates levels of cooling or warming. Cooling is indicated in blue, warming in orange.

3. Once the desired levels have been set, touching the grey Run Button will initiate operation of the Smart Topper and the button will change to blue.

If the Smart Topper has scheduling enabled (see Scheduler), then it will begin operating automatically at the preset bedtime.

4. The progress of the operation cycle of the air-conditioned Smart Topper is shown by the bar located near the bottom of the graphical display. The grey bar will turn blue from left to right to indicate the progress.

5. When the bed is running, the Run Button will change to a blue square stop button. Touching this button will stop the bed.

6. You can access the Settings Screen by touching the gear icon in the top right, where various parameters of the bed operation may be set, including scheduling.

7. You can access the Scheduler Screen by touching the clock icon near the bottom of the screen or by touching anywhere on the time bar.

8. You can pull up helpful information about how to use the App by touching the question mark icon.

9. When the bed is performing a cool burst, a snowflake icon appears near the bottom of the screen, and when it is performing a warm burst a sun icon appears. You can touch this icon to stop the burst.

Scheduler Screen

1. Touch the 'Schedule Off/On' toggle to enable or disable the scheduler. If the scheduler is disabled then the bed will not automatically start and stop.

2 + 3. There are two schedules that can be set for different days of the week. Touch each day icon to make it active (blue) or inactive (grey). Days displayed in blue are active for the times shown below the day icons. Set the time on the left to the time that you usually go to bed and set the time on the right to the time that you usually get up. Note: If the first temperature setting on the Overnight screen is above zero, then the topper will start preheating before the scheduled bed time.

4. The Start Length sets the duration of the Start phase. This phase begins at the scheduled bed time, and continues for the duration set here.

5. The Wake Length sets the duration of the Wake phase. This phase ends at the scheduled wake time (see 2+3 above), and starts earlier based on the duration set here. For example, if the wake time is 7:00am and the Wake Length is 30 minutes, then the Wake phase would start at 6:30am.

6. Touch the Save button to save your settings and exit the Scheduler Screen.

7. Touch the X icon in the top right corner to cancel and exit the Scheduler Screen without saving your changes.

Settings Screen

1. You can go back to the Overnight Screen by touching the home icon.

2. You can go to the WiFi Screen by touching the WiFi icon.

3. Speaker Vol controls the volume of the audible feedback when the bedside buttons are used. Level 0 (slider all the way to the left) is off.

4. Fan Limit sets the maximum fan speed used during the Sleep and Wake phases. It has no effect on the Start phase or burst mode. Moving the slider left makes the bed quieter but also reduces the cooling performance. Moving the slider right increases cooling performance.

5. The Foot Heater has three levels. Level 0 (slider all the way to the left) is off.

6. If you never want the heaters to come on, then turn the Enable Heaters toggle off. This will stop preheating, foot heating, and automatic heating if you get cold. Normally the heaters should be enabled (toggle on) so that preheating, foot heating, and automatic heating work.

7. Cool Burst Level adjusts the strength of cool burst mode. Move this slider right to increase the airflow.  Move it left for less airflow.

8. Cool Burst Time sets the duration of cool burst mode in minutes. Increase this setting if you want a longer cool burst or decrease it if you want a shorter cool burst.

9. You can access the Bed Setup Screen by touching the Bed Setup button.

10. If you have more than one Perfectly Snug bed, then you can switch to a different bed by touching the 'Switch Beds' button.

11. Touch the wrench icon to access the Utilities Screen.

12. You can pull up helpful information about how to use the App by touching the question mark icon.

Bed Setup Screen

1. If you have a dual-zone bed, then you can touch each side of the bed and type in a name for it. These names will be used to identify the sides throughout the App.

2. You can touch the area below the bed image and type in a name for the bed. This is used to choose which bed to connect to if you have more than one Perfectly Snug bed.

3. Touch Save to save your changes and exit the Bed Setup Screen.

4. Touch the X icon in the top right corner or anywhere outside the Bed Setup Screen to cancel and exit the Bed Setup Screen without saving your changes.

WiFi Screen

When your Smart Topper is not connected to your home WiFi, the App will switch your phone to a WiFi network created by the topper which is named based on your topper's Serial Number (example: PS123456). Your phone may ask you if you want to join PS123456 and you need to agree to join.

You can control your Smart Topper using this PS123456 network, but it is best to connect the Smart Topper to a home WiFi network using this screen.

1. You can go back to the Overnight Screen by touching the home icon.

2. When you first land on this screen, the topper will begin scanning for available WiFi networks. After a short delay, a list of available networks will appear. If your bed is connected to one of them, the App will show 'Connected' under it. If your topper is not connected to a network or if you want to change to a different network, then touch the network that you want your bed to connect to. If your home WiFi network doesn’t appear in the list, then swipe down on the list to re-scan for available networks. If it still doesn't appear in the list, then there is an issue with your WiFi network. It may be that your WiFi network signal is not strong enough where the topper is located. Note that the Smart Topper can’t connect to a 5 GHz WiFi network.

3. You can access the Advanced Network Settings Screen by touching the Advanced Settings button. In most cases it is not necessary to configure the advanced settings. It is only used in special cases where a home WiFi network is configured in such a way that prevents service discovery from working. If you are unsure of what this means, then it's best to avoid the advanced settings and contact customer service if you have trouble connecting.

4. You can pull up helpful information about how to use the App by touching the question mark icon.

5. After touching the network that you want the bed to connect to, a pop-up will appear. Enter your WiFi password and touch Connect. Be careful to enter your password EXACTLY. The password is CASE sensitive. You can cancel by touching anywhere outside the pop-up.

Setup Screen

The Setup Screen is displayed when you first open the App or when the App is not able to find your Smart Topper on WiFi.

This screen allows your phone to connect directly to your Smart Topper on a special WiFi network named based on the Serial Number of your Smart Topper, like PS123456. It is password protected.

You can find the Serial Number, Password and QR Code printed on the label at the head of your Smart Topper and also in the Quick Start Guide.

Once you have connected your topper to your home WiFi network, this page will not come up again.

1. The easiest way to connect to the bed is to touch the Scan QR Code button, then use the camera on your phone or tablet to take a picture of the QR Code on the label at the head of your bed or in the Quick Start Guide.

2-4. Alternatively, enter the serial number and password on the screen, then touch the Connect button. Note that case is important.

5. If you have previously connected to a bed using the App and want to re-connect to it, then you can touch the Choose Alternate Bed button to navigate to the Bed Selection Screen.

Bed Selection Screen

1. This screen will display a list of all previously connected beds. You can pick which bed to connect to by touching it. You can remove a bed from the list by touching the trash icon next to it.

2. If the bed that you want to connect to is not in this list, then touch the + icon to add it. This will bring you to the Setup Screen.

Utilities Screen

The Utilities Screen contains a menu that allows you to access the Information Screen, the Send Diagnostics Screen, and the Firmware Update Screen.

Product Information Screen

The Product Information Screen displays the App version number and some certification information about your bed.

Send Diagnostics Screen

This screen provides a way for you to send diagnostic data to Perfectly Snug if you have trouble with your topper.  Please contact before sending data. The data sent contains only technical diagnostic data and no personal information.  Perfectly Snug has no access to your Snug Topper unless you initiate sending the data.

Firmware Update Screen

The Perfectly Snug Smart Topper has Firmware (software) that can be updated only upon your initiation. Firmware updates may be available from time-to-time and these are meant to fix minor issues or improve the product. Only update the Firmware if advised to do so by Perfectly Snug customer service.

Updating the firmware requires that you press and hold a bottom button for 10 seconds on the bedside controls.

Follow the instructions on the screen to initiate the firmware update.

Factory Reset

Holding the top button down for 10 seconds while the topper is powering on will cause a factory reset, where the software originally loaded when the Smart Topper was manufactured will be reinstated.  This should only be done at the direction of Perfectly Snug service support.