Information Screen

The information screen will not be used often (or maybe ever).  This screen provides a way for you to send diagnostic data to Perfectly Snug in the case you are having troubles with your topper.  Please contact before sending data.  The data sent contains only technical diagnostic data and no personal information.  Perfectly Snug has no access to your Snug Topper unless you initiate sending the data.

The screen also allows navigation to the Firmware Update Screen.

Firmware Update Screen

The Perfectly Snug Smart Topper has Firmware (software) that can be updated only upon your initiation. Firmware updates may be available from time-to-time and these could fix minor issues or improve the product. Only update the Firmware if advised to do so by Perfectly Snug service.

Updating the firmware requires that you press and hold a bottom button for 10 seconds on the bedside controls.

Follow the instructions on the screen to initiate the firmware update.

Adding and Removing Additional Toppers

If you have more than one Smart Topper that you want to control using your phone or tablet, then you can add, remove or switch to additional Smart Toppers by pressing the “SWITCH TO OTHER BED” button on the Settings Screen and follow the instructions there.

Factory Reset

Holding the top button down for 10 seconds while the topper is powering on will cause a factory reset, where the software originally loaded when the Smart Topper was manufactured will be reinstated.  This should only be done at the direction of Perfectly Snug service support.