For best results from preheating, cover your bed with a thick duvet (comforter) during the preheat time.  If there are no blankets on top of your bed while heating is on, there is nothing to retain the heat in the bed and it will not heat up much or at all.  The heating in the Smart Topper takes at least 15 minutes to be felt and 60 minutes to get your bed up to temperature.

To set up your Smart Topper to preheat, in the Perfectly Snug Controller App:

  1. On the settings screen, enable the scheduler and set your sleep and wake times.
  2. On the overnight screen, select a level 1 or greater for the start phase of the night.

    When preheating the heater will turn on 60 minutes before the time selected for your bedtime.  The Smart Topper will warm the bed for a cozy entry into the bedding.

    Setting a start phase level of 0 or less (cool or cold) disables any preheating.

    A level of 2 in the start phase will take the chill off the bedding but not heat the mattress excessively.  At this level you will not necessarily perceive that the topper is heated as the bed surface will only be a few degrees above room temperature.  However, when you first enter the bed it won’t feel freezing cold.

    If you setup the Smart Topper to preheat, for example, with start phase at level 5, you can expect the sleep surface (under a thick duvet) to reach a warm temperature (approx. 10 C/18 F above the room temperature) where it would be noticeable when you climb in but not very hot.  After being in bed for 30 min or so it is likely that you would want the temperature to start to decrease, depending on how cold you are when you get into bed. 

    At level 10 you can expect the temperature under a thick duvet to reach 15 C/27 F above the room temperature and this will feel very warm and would be good for very cold nights.  After 30 min or so in bed you will find it to be too hot and you will want to reduce the temperature in the sleep phase of the night.

    It is not recommended to preheat your bed using a high level of 7 to 10 unless you and the room are very cold, since if this proves to be too hot it will take 15 to 30 minutes of high airflow to cool the bed down.  This can be disruptive for a good sleep.

    Also, it is best to ensure that the area immediately around the control interface on the side of the topper is free of thick blankets or pillows.  If the controller is covered with thick insulation, then the heater performance will be limited to ensure nothing overheats.