Do you need quick relief from overheating and hot flashes? 

Pressing the buttons for 5 seconds engages the Burst Override where the blowers (top button) or heaters (lower button) are temporarily set to maximum power.  After 7 minutes of maximum cooling the regular settings are automatically resumed.  Similarly, after 15 minutes of maximum heater power the regular settings are automatically resumed. When the Burst Override is activated the Smart Topper will provide audible feedback of “Cold Burst” or “Hot Burst”.

This feature is particularly useful if you wake in the night too hot or cold and need rapid relief.  If you wake too hot it is recommended that you adjust the temperature down 2 levels and then engage the Cold Burst.  In this way, after the Cold Burst has completed the Smart Topper will resume a lower temperature for the remaining portion of the night.  A similar action is recommended if you are too cold and need the Hot Burst.