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Cooling relief

My husband is sleeping significantly better with this mattress topper. He uses the cooling feature and it works wonders. I have hot flashes and the quick burst is perfect. Love that we can program our sides to our preferences. Easy buttons for quick temperature change.

No Longer Feel Like a Furnace

Before purchasing I was waking regularly during the night being overly hot, it felt as though my matress was a hot pad under my body.
Since getting the Perfectly Snug Smart Topper things have improved tremendously. We have had the topper approximately 30 days and will not be returning.
It took me awhile to understand the app, but once you figure out your preferred setting for early, mid and morning times, you really needn't adjust the app again (maybe I'll find it necessary to adjust for summer and winter). A couple of times I have adjusted it manually with the built in buttons but this doesn't change the App and the next night you are back at your regular settings
For us the fan is not at all offensive and it is actually reasuring. When we first got it I wondered if it was working as most of the time the fan is off or on very low (the speed adjusts automatically to the needed cooling)
The on-device controls allow for quick adjustments whic h illiminate needing to mess with the app. I have the manual controls for additional cooling, for less cooling and once for heat as I woke in the middle of the night very cold.
I do not feel the air movement, all I notice is that where I lie is cool against my body.
The Perfectly Snug is very comfortable to sleep on, we have an expensive mattress, but I prefer the support of the Perfectly Snug.

Ronn, thank you for such a thoughtful review, we sincerly appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion. We are very happy that things have improved 'tremendously'; that is what we are always shooting for!

My sleep is greatly improved.

I sleep cooler and don't wake up overheated anymore. Which was a nightly occurrence. I can not connect the topper to my phone app. Not sure what to do to correct this. Tried YouTube. I have T-Mobile WiFi. Maybe there isn't 2.4. If there is a work around I would be interested. Thank you for giving me my sleep back.

Hey there Gregory, so glad that you are getting better sleep! We'll contact you to help with connecting the phone app to your Smart Topper. Thanks for your patience.

I Love this cooling topper!

This mattress topper has made sleeping SO MUCH BETTER! No more hot flashes.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review Erin! So glad you are sleeping better and are done with those hot flashes!!! :-)

Tried the bedjet and it didn’t do it for me. This does! My only complaint is the super slow fulfillment and shipping time

Thank you for the review Lindsay! We are glad that we could solve your temperature problems better than the bedjet did. Very sorry on the slow shipping time, it is summer and we got hit hard with orders putting us in an 'oversold' status but we are catching up! Everyone wants to sleep better!

Wish I purchased sooner!

This has been nothing short of amazing. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a cooler sleep. Not only do I live in Texas, but menopause is no joke. This has given me the best sleep while keeping me cool. My only regret is not purchasing this sooner.

FInally something that keeps me cool!

This mattress is great. CS helped me with my issues...they are great. Ambient room temp and not piling runners at the end of the bed helped. The noise was the #1 concern much quieter over Sleep# DualTemp I returned and better. I sleep HOT, and so far, this is a winner. There is not much you need to the app for you to set it, and forget I've seen some posts that wanted more from the app. The Perfectly Snug will do the rest. For me, it is worth the money.

Parco, this is so great to hear! We have a lot of people who think that the fan noise is going to be a problem but it rarely is. People like that 'white noise' when going to bed these days and this fan is perfect for that! :-) I agree with you, when I use my Snug Topper I just use the buttons on the side but the app is awesome to have for setting a schedule. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts, we appreciate you! MQ

Love it

This matress topper has made a huge difference in the quality of my sleep. I no longer wake up multple times a night trying to excape a hot spot on my mattress.

We are SO HAPPY that it is helping you sleep better. Waking up hot is no fun!!! Sounds like you are ready for SUMMER! :-) Enjoye and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts we us, we appreciate you!

"Best Purchase Ever"

First thank you for the amazing product. I purchased the Split King topper with the intent of trying it and sending it back as my wife did not want to spend the money. After one week of sleeping on the mattress topper she has proclaimed it's the best purchase I have ever made, so thank you for keeping me out of the dog house.

That is a strong endorsement Richard, thank you for sharing that! Wives all over North America would agree with your wife on the cooling power of the Smart Topper, and Husbands all over the world are breathing a sigh of relief with you, knowing what it is like to be steps away from the dreaded dog house! :-) We appreciate you and the fact that you took some time to leave a review. Very glad you guys are sleeping better!

Do not regret purchasing

I wake up hot in the middle of the night, even during the winter. This product really helps with that! It did take about a week of adjusting to see what I like but I think I have found the sweet spot. I like that it doesn't blow hot air when warm setting is on. It just gets the bed toasty. Also, the mattress topper is actually quite comfortable for me.

I do wish the app was more functional. I would appreciate being able to customize the temp by the hour or have more control than what is offered. Also, I don't know if it "automatically adjust your body temperature"... Sometimes I'm hot and can't feel the air so I lower it to -10 just to hear if it's working. Also, FYI, your bedsheets will need re-adjusting everyday!

MJL, we sincerely appreciate you aking the time to leave us a review. Sorry about the app not working great for you, we are working on an update for that and it will push automatically to your phone so that should solve any 'buggy' experiences you are having. We are glad that it is keeping you cool and comfortable. Thank you for being a Perfectly Snug customer!

I hit the jackpot!

My only regret is not finding this sooner! I am a very hot sleeper and constantly in and out of the bed sheets all night long. This causes me lack of sleep and tiring days. Since I bought this mattress topper I have not removed my bed covers off of me. It’s like having an air conditioner in your own personal space. I love this and just wish I could travel with it! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cooler nights sleep. I wanted something electric with no water or loud blowing fans. The noise level is soothing at the high setting. Otherwise you can’t even hear it running!

Tracy, thank you so much for this incredible review. There are a lot of people out there dealing with sleep temperature issues that will benefit from your opinion. Maybe we should get all of the hotels out there to buy them for their beds so no matter where you go you could have a Perfecly Snug keeping you cool at night! We will get to work on that one. :-) We appreciate you, thanks again.

Game changer

I sleep better if I have a blanket on top of me. Something from childhood I guess. Anyway, these past several years it has been too warm to sleep that way (summer with A/C cranked up and winter with the heat turned off and the window open). Now that I have the Smart Topper, I can. It takes some time to find the right setting. I have only had it for maybe a month but it has helped me tremendously with sleep. I am looking forward to it working well this summer and not having to crank up the A/C so high. Thank you for inventing this.

Linda, we love hearing this from our customers so thank you for sharing. We agree that sleeping at your perfect temperature is a GAME CHANGER, well said! We are happy to hear you are sleeping better and ready for the summer. We appreicate you.

I’m sleeping!

This has been such a help to me. Menopause has not been kind( had not slept in over two years ), but I’m getting consistent sleep now thanks to Perfectly Snug. It is an investment but worth every dime.

Emily this is incredible! We hate hearing that you have suffered from bad sleep for over two years and are glad that those days are over. We hear from women going through menopause all of the time and have a lot of empathy for what that puts the body through. Glad that Perfectly Snug can provide some relief from the symptoms. We appreciate you and the fact that you took a few minutes to write a review.


I used an Ooler mattress topper for the past two years before it stopped working. I knew I wanted to replace it as the temperature control of my mattress is important for me to stay asleep. Before rebuying the Ooler, I decided to do some online searching for other toppers. Perfectly Snug became my replacement for several reasons. I really didn’t like having to do monthly water replacing and water treatment in the control unit along with remembering to run the ultraviolet cycle to keep the water in the mattress from becoming moldy. Then twice a year the water in the mattress topper had to be totally drained and replaced. No more maintenance at all now! In addition, there are no water channels in the topper to feel and no risk of a water leak as the cooling is done with air. The fan in the Perfectly Snug Smart Topper is so quiet, I rarely hear it at all. The fan in the Ooler was much louder, but to be fair, it was like white noise and didn’t interfere with my sleeping although it could be a hindrance with those sensitive to noise while trying to sleep. Although pricier than the Ooler, I still prefer the Smart Topper for all the above reasons. I also think my replacement will last more than two years. And I don’t need a bulky control unit sitting on my floor taking up space. I can also adjust the temperature of the topper in the middle of the night with a quick toggle of a switch on the edge of the topper rather than getting a blast of blue light from my phone as I enter the Ooler control app. All in all, I really love my Smart Topper and highly recommend it.

Christine, this is some great feedback. We hear from a lot of consumers that have tried water-based cooling pads and didn't like the fact that there was maintenance and in many cases leaking. The best part of your review is knowing that it is making a difference in your life. We appreciate you as a customer and for taking the time to leave these very thoughtful comments.

Great temp control, but really firm!

Really comfortable for this hot sleeper. I have the fan on the top speed most of the nite. The topper is very firm and may not work for everyone.

Donald, thanks a lot for taking the time to send us your comments. We are sorry that it firmed your bed up, hopefully, the temperature control is more valuable than the loss of comfort in the long run. We sincerely appreciate you giving us a shot. :-)

Works Great

Working great so far. Has been very good at keeping me cool and my wife warm during the night. Only issue is with the app - would be nice to have it work on two (or more) devices without one overwriting the other. Other than that love the fact that there is no water to fill or worry about leaking or growing algae, the ability to move temp up or down during the night with a simple button press and quiet operation.

Joseph, THANK YOU for taking the time to let us know what you think and we appreciate the feedback on the app and are working to continuously improve that aspect of the product. Many of our customers tell us about the negative side of having a water based system so we can understand where you are coming from. Now you have a system that will keep you cool and requires NO MAINTENANCE! :-)

Amazing Technology

Great control of cool and heat throughout the night. Great biohack to facilitate core body temperature regulation. Highly recommend. Almost bought an 8Sleep before realizing all the poor reviews in regards to leaks. Very glad I did not.

Daniel, thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it. Nobody wants to have water leaking into their bed or on the floor so we are glad you found Perfectly Snug! Sleep well!

Great at cooling...texture is meh

So far after a few weeks both the wife and I are waking up less often with that feeling of being too hot. However, I do not love the texture of the topper. It was distracting to being with but I am becoming more accustomed and it bothers me less - wife doesn't even notice.


Brandon, THANK YOU for taking the time to send us a note. I had the same experience. My wife and I could feel that mesh when we first got the topper because we touched it thinking that it could be an issue. But when we had slept on it for a few nights, we didn't even notice it. Plus the cooling is way to good. to let it bother us :-) Sleep well Mr. Hobbs.

PR and Gifted Smart Topper
Sophie Uliano

I am obsessed with the Perfectly Snug topper. It gets 5 stars. It’s changed my ability to sleep. As a post menopausal woman, getting hot at night was a huge issue. No more. There are so many outstanding features, that it would take too long to go into all that now. But get one…you won’t regret it.

Thank you Sophie, we are very happy that the product is doing its job. We hear that a lot from women in the various stages of menopause. Sleeping hot can be a real problem and rob you of a better quality of life, we are glad that you solved that problem for yourself.

Oh do I sleep well on this

This is a great matress topper keeping me cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Worth the expense for a great nights sleep….

Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts Eddy. Glad you are sleeping better!

Super satisfied with the topper!

Overall, we love our two zone topper. I really like the heating and cooling itself and the features like scheduling and different sleep stage settings. The app is simple but functional. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wakes up sweaty/hot or can't fall asleep due to being cold.


We love hearing news like this, we are very glad you love the features of our smart topper! We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us a few comments. :-)

Coolest topper

We love this topper! Keeps us cool on the hottest nights and days (nightshifter!!). We both sleep so much better now!

Gina, THANK YOU for taking a minute to leave us a review, we really appreciate it. Very glad you are sleeping cooler on the hottest nights!

I don’t sleep hot anymore!

I was honestly pretty skeptical ordering this. I did a lot of research, comparing this to water based bed cooling solutions. The water based solutions had a major flaw, leakage. To the point where the main water based company stopped providing lifetime warranty and forced a subscription to help pay for replacements.

This resulted in me ordering this mattress topper instead, and I am ecstatic at how well it has worked for me. I no longer sleep hot, and my wife can be warm at the same time. It is a bit on the expensive side, but good sleep is invaluable to me. Be sure to use lower thread count cotton/bamboo sheets so the air passes through better. It didn’t work on my high thread count polyester sheets at all (turned into a big balloon).

Also I don’t want to forget to mention, the team went above and beyond to help me get my order within a tight timeline. Thank you very much!

We are so happy that you are sleeping better and that your wife can also sleep at her perfect temperature. We really appreciate you taking a few minutes to share your story. Sleep well and dream big!

Perfectly Snug Smart Topper Team

Our Third Perfectly Snug

We love Perfectly Snug - highly recommend. We just purchased our third - each family member keeps wanting one. This latest one is for our daughter living without air conditioning in a dorm room in San Diego. While it's stuffy and a bit warm in her room, and my daughter's roommate is struggling to sleep due to the higher room temperature, my daughter sleeps perfectly - actually said she was cold the first night.


Can't thank you enough for the review and we are very happy that you guys are enjoying the product. I have been in the mattress industry for about 35 years and have not come across anything that does this good of a job! You are a great Dad, my son just went to college and I am not shipping him one just yet. :-).Thank you for taking the time to leave us a message, we really appreciate it!

Mark Quinn
Chief Marketing Officer
Perfectly Snug Smart Topper

Great for a hot sleeper

Wife always wakes up multiple times in the night because she is too hot, seems to be working.. only slept on it for a week so far


Brent and Adina