6 Tips to Prep for a Red-Eye

6 Tips to Prep for a Red-Eye

Overnight flights can save business travellers precious time and money; however, red-eye flights also get their name from the disembarking sleepless passengers with bloodshot eyes.
If you want to fall asleep on a red-eye and are looking for a few tips to get off the plane feeling relatively fresh, try some tips below.

1. Choose the right seat. 

  • Seats closer to the exit rows provide extra leg room for comfort. Get a window seat to rest your head against the windows for support if you can. Make sure to choose your seat wisely based on the side you usually sleep on. 

2. Exercise before the flight. 

  • Resistance training, in particular, can help decrease the time you wake up after initially falling asleep. 

3. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. 

  • While alcohol can initially help drift you into slumber, alcohol leads to worse sleep quality and can amplify jet lag. 

4. Bring a neck pillow.

  • A big reason why we can’t sleep on planes is that our heads aren’t adequately supported. A neck pillow can help to keep the chin supported, leading to less discomfort. 

5. Follow a routine. 

  • Wear lounge pants to the airport, read a book, or brush your teeth. Trick your mind into thinking it’s your usual bedtime routine.

6. Stock up on the right snacks. 

  • While avoiding heavy foods is recommended, food with magnesium and potassium, such as bananas, can help induce sleep. 

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