If you find you are often too hot to sleep well or experience night sweats then the Smart Topper will improve your sleep by keeping you cool.  Your sleep will be aided by cool gentle airflow below and around your body.  The mattress will be cool - even cold! - and it will not heat up.  On cold nights you can have warmed feet to start and then cool down as you fall asleep. 

What settings should you use?  If you are feeling too hot to sleep when you go to bed then set the cooling to -5 to -10 in the start phase.  If you are a bit hot then a setting of -2 or so will work well.

Recommended settings for a hot sleeper:





Foot Warmer

Hot Summer Night -3 to -10 -6 -4 0

Warm Night

0 to -5




Cold Winter Night






What you should expect on a Hot Summer Night?

For the hot sleeper, finding comfortable sleep during the summer is a great challenge. Often a hot sleeper will have elevated body temperature when getting into bed and it is impossible to cool down on a mattress.

Using the start phase setting of -3 or colder to lower your body temperature is recommended. The natural signal for your body to fall asleep is a reduction in your body temperature.  It may take you 15 to 30 minutes to cool down if you and your room are hot.  

The hotter your room is the more airflow is needed to keep you cool. On a cold night the fans will run very slow and you won't be able to feel the airflow.  Your mattress will just not heat up and make you roll over.

On a hot night the fans will run faster and you will be able to feel the airflow.  There will be quiet noise from the fans at your feet. Some prefer a very quiet sleep environment, and you can use the quiet setting, which will limit the blowers to 50%.

For best cooling performance, it is recommended to use breathable sheets, don’t use a mattress protector over the topper and ensure that the foot area of the topper is clear of obstructions.  

What you should expect on a Cold Winter Night?

With these settings, at bedtime your torso area will be slightly warm and the foot area a little warmer. The heating will remove the chill so it is not shockingly cold when climbing in.  If you have cold feet using the foot warmer at 1 is recommended. Setting the foot warmer too high will result in a bed that won’t cool down quickly and may cause you to overheat.  You will need to setup the scheduler for your bed to preheat.

During the night the Smart Topper will monitor your sleep environment temperature and provide a little airflow as it enters the sleep phase, 30 minutes after your set start time. This airflow will cool the sleep surface below you so you don’t overheat.  The airflow will continue if the sleep environment is too warm but at an almost imperceptible level throughout the night making the sleep environment dry and cozy.  The heaters will likely not be used to provide heat as your body provides enough heat on its own.

As you wake the temperature of the sleep environment will increase slightly providing you a more natural wake up.

Changing Settings During the Night

If you find you are too hot or cold, it is recommended to adjust the temperature settings using the bedside buttons rather than the App.  Squinting at a phone screen in the night does not promote good sleep!  Rapid thermal relief is also available using the Cold or Hot Burst feature.

Keep in mind that it can take a few nights to figure out what settings work for you.  A typical sleeper will start to experience deeper undisturbed sleep within a few days of testing different settings.