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REVIEW: Keeping 'Cool' with Pam Ratzlaff

REVIEW: Keeping 'Cool' with Pam Ratzlaff
Pam Ratzlaff of the Sugar Plum Sisters has been sleeping a little more soundly ever since receiving the Snug Topper over a month ago. 
Both Pam and her husband Jason struggled with temperature regularity while sleeping through the night. Pam says she's "always been a very good sleeper, until a number of years ago.  Midlife has swooped in and brought me hot flashes in the middle of the night!”.
Like many, Pam and her husband Jason would play tug of war with the covers during the night. Pam’s body temperature would move from hot too cold throughout the night, and her husband would often wake up without any covers at the end of the midnight struggle. 
To get Pam and her husband back on track for better sleeps, we worked with Pam to customize her sleep schedule and set her preferred temperatures at the beginning, middle and end of her sleep - all controlled through the Perfectly Snug app. 
One of Pam’s favourite features of the Snug Topper was the cool burst. By using the controls located on each side of the bed, Pam could receive a bust of cool air to help temper her night sweats, and allow her to return back to her preferred temperature once that hot moment passes. 
Pam's final verdict? "No more fighting over covers and no more sweating through hot flashes!" 
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