8 Reasons Why You Might Have Night Sweats

8 Reasons Why You Might Have Night Sweats

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Night sweats are severe “hot flashes” (sudden sensations of heat rushing to the chest, face or head) occurring during the evening that can cause immediate sweating - drenching sleepwear and sheets.

Since sweating is how your body cools itself down, night sweats then become a vicious cycle of heat, perspiration and dampness all evening - doesn't sound too fun.

If this sounds like you, here are some practical explanations for why you might be experiencing night sweats:

  1. Exercising intensely before bedtime
  2. Wearing restrictive or tight clothing to bed
  3. Drinking coffee or alcohol at night 
  4. Eating hot or spicy foods
  5. Consuming a heavy meal before sleeping
  6. Staying in a warm room or environment
  7. Using layers of bedding or sleepwear 
  8. Smoking or inhaling second hand smoke

If one (or more) of the points above sounds familiar, it may be time for you to try avoiding them to see if your night sweats dissipate. Of course, its always a good idea to talk to your doctor to discuss options, and start exploring solutions that will work for you so you can start getting a better sleep. 

If neither of these apply, you might be part of a select group that simply runs warm - lucky you, right?

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