Battle of the Thermostat

Battle of the Thermostat

Did you know that 80% of couples argue about bedroom temperature at night, and 33% of those complaints get into full blown arguments? According to an article in the Vancouver Sun, BC Hydro conducted a study and found that nighttime temperature complaints are more common than we think. 

Especially in colder months of the year, many couples can get into disagreements when one partner likes to have a cooler room with a fan or window open, leaving the other left in the cold (no pun intended). 

There are a handful of ways this can be resolved like compromising on thermostat temperature, having separate duvets, or wearing warmer or cooler PJs to bed. But who really wants to compromise... and now you don't have to!

The Perfectly Snug Smart Topper gives you the best of both worlds! With individually controlled zones, you can customize your bed temperature to your preference while your partner can set theirs. Gentle cool air flows through the topper keeping hot sleepers cool while cold sleepers stay warm and snug. 

is the Sleep Smart System that will

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