Benefits of Being a Morning Person

Benefits of Being a Morning Person

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If you’re more of a night owl, waking up early might seem near impossible. However, changing your sleep schedule might just change your life, as rising early is said to be the secret to success. 

Waking up early might be difficult, but it comes with many benefits. Research has linked being an early riser with a reduced risk of depression, improved productivity, and increased happiness. Individuals who wake up early have more positive thoughts and are found to be more optimistic, agreeable, and satisfied with life. One study from the University of Colorado found that waking up an hour earlier could lower your risk of depression by 23%. While better sleep isn’t a cure for mental health conditions, poor sleep and sleep deprivation can negatively affect your mental health, while quality sleep improves overall mood and well-being. 

People who wake up early typically go to bed earlier, as well. Revising your sleep schedule to incorporate better sleep hygiene practices, such as keeping a consistent sleep schedule, will help you sleep better throughout the night. Adequate and consistent sleep improves blood pressure, the immune system, essential brain functions, and gives your body enough time to repair itself. By improving your sleep quality, you’ll increase your overall energy, which can improve learning ability and memory function.

If you’re looking to become an early riser, check out some tips that might help get you out of bed in the morning. The first few days will probably be challenging, so you must be committed to making it a long-term habit to establish a new, healthy sleep pattern.

In addition to focusing on how to change your habits, it’s important to consider why you might be struggling to wake up early and what might be keeping you in bed. Many reasons, such as stress, sleep disorders, or poor sleep hygiene, may make it more difficult for you to become an early riser. If stress, depression, or anxiety are interfering with your sleep, try incorporating relaxation activities, like meditation, into your bedtime routine on top of speaking with your doctor. 

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