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Does a Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Work?

A common challenge that many people face is getting too hot at night on their mattresses. Cooling gel, or a cool gel memory foam mattress, are said to help regulate body temperature better, but can they deliver on their promise of keeping you cool?

Gel memory foam is foam infused with gel microbeads. The purpose of the gel is to help regulate body temperature and avoid trapping heat like traditional memory foam is known to do. While there are no science-backed studies to show whether or not gel mattresses cool you down, the concept is that gel in the foam helps draw heat away from your body, however, the abilities of this feature are limited. 

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattresses are not Breathable

A liquid that can’t evaporate will naturally take on the temperature of its surroundings. A gel foam mattress may warm more slowly than the foam, which conducts heat easily, but not slowly enough to stay cool for the length of a night’s sleep. The truth is, in no shape or form is cooling gel breathable.

So, how can gel keep you cool if it doesn’t breathe? The answer is environmental temperature. Gel-infused memory foam will adapt to the temperature of your environment, and this can go both ways: hot or cold. The cooling gel memory foam will only work in your favour if the room that it is in is kept at a low temperature. So if you struggle with night sweats or overheating while you sleep, and are expecting a mattress with cooling gel to solve the problem, then expect to be disappointed.

Cool Gel Microbeads in Memory Foam Mattresses Ultimately Don't Perform

In the showroom, cooling foams may feel great. But the truth is, they don’t stay cool, and are actually the opposite of what you need later in the night. When it comes to features like cooling gel, it’s important to understand that its effects depend on the room environment your mattress is in. If heat is a significant challenge for you, we recommend that you don't rely on foam mattresses that contain cooling gel to solve the problem. Instead, consider other mattress types like high-density memory foam with a supportive base, comfort foam, or adjustable firmness levels for pressure relief and comfort. Look for mattresses with infused gel particles that offer a medium-firm feel, providing both support and a soft edge for a better sleep experience. Visit our store to explore our range of mattresses, including king-size options, and see why our customers rate us with so highly with quality testimonials!

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