Why am I still tired after sleeping?

Why am I still tired after sleeping?

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This past year has been anything but normal but with working from home, staying in, and having less commitments, our sleep schedule should have improved, right? Wrong. If you've been feeling more run down than usual, you're not alone. 

Stress - we talk about it all the time but it's that emotion that has the ability to disguise itself in multiple ways. While our lifestyles have slowed, the situation throughout the world has remained inconsistent and the future unknown. This undoubtedly can cause underlying anxieties and stressors to many that could be affecting your sleep significantly. These types of emotions aren't always as easy to identify thus making them hard to manage. So how do we resolve them? Small lifestyle changes that you can implement into your daily schedule are the key to making long term changes. Some of our favourite daily rituals: 

Tips to Feel Less Tired

  • Meditation - while it can sound intimidating, there are multiple resources available to begin your meditation journey. We often forget that our brain is in constant over-drive and it, too, needs a rest. Try making time once a day, even if you start with 5 minutes. Some of our favourite apps include Headspace and Calm.  
  • Exercise - Not to sound like a broken record but exercise is usually the answer to dealing with any negative emotions our bodies are holding onto. The physical act allows our brain to focus on the present and the release of endorphins gives you the boost you need. Not to mention, properly exercising the body will have you ready to hit the pillow at the end of the day. 
  • Reading - A simple  and easy activity that lets the brain focus on the present and not all the stressors happening behind the scenes. This is the easiest thing to add to your nighttime ritual + it helps you move away from those devices! 

By implementing self-care practices into your routine, you'll consistently be working on managing negative emotions and will be more prepared to handle any stressors that may pop up. As if you needed another reason to put yourself first, your sleep is one more! 


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