REVIEW: Gear Diary

REVIEW: Gear Diary

A few months ago, Dan from Gear Diary had no idea what a bed topper was. Sure, he'd heard of feather beds but a smart topper? “If you have a good bed why would you need one?” he thought. Then he got the Perfectly Snug Smart Topper; it automatically adjusts temperature while you sleep, and he couldn’t imagine sleeping without it now.

The foot heater option is one of Dan's favorite features of this bed topper. His feet are also cold, so he cranked the temperature as high as it goes, while his wife, Raina opted to set the temperature to medium and is comfortable at that level

The Perfectly Snug Smart Topper is a fascinating bedding product. The fans hidden in the foot area of the topper are silent unless you turn the heating or cooling to one extreme or the other.

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