Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

Ladies ( + men!), it may be something we joke about but each night but when we head to bed we really are getting our beauty sleep. As we consistently preach, tiredness can show up in multiple ways, but our skin is a true testament of how restless nights can really show. A few sleepless nights can quickly turn into lacklustre skin and puffy eyes (we won't even begin to get into the stress that can arise with little sleep + the additional effects that will have on your skin and overall appearance.) So how do we keep ourselves looking youthful and vibrant? It's all in the nighttime routine. 

  1. Skincare - ensure you're starting off on the right foot by narrowing down the skincare routine for you. Consult a dermatologist for specific skincare recommendations but as a general rule of thumb, a routine should consist of a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 
  2. Self-care - Wind down with a bath and take some time for yourself. This will get your body in the mood to doze off + is an opportunity to treat your skin. Add in your favourite bath oil (we suggest Lavender, a great scent to wind down with) and make sure to moisturize when you get out. 
  3. Snooze - get into bed and get ready to doze off. Ensure your bedroom temperature is fit to your needs to avoid overheating in the night or if you already have your hands on a Smart Topper, you'll be set to snooze! 

If you needed another reason to prioritize your sleep, your skin will thank you!


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