REVIEW: Gadgeteer Reviews the Smart Topper

REVIEW: Gadgeteer Reviews the Smart Topper

Kevin from The Gadgeteer always followed the old rule “invest in shoes and sheets”. You spend a vast amount of time walking the earth or sleeping in bed, so why not make these experiences as comfortable and fulfilling as possible? 

He liked the feeling of air providing a cooling effect from below as they sleep under a heavier comforter and managing the unique temperature needs of his wife and him can often be tricky – someone will have the comforter pushed aside or covers thrown back. He though the Smart Topper kept an even, cool temperature at the places in the mattress that usually get warm and uncomfortable.

They currently use a liquid cooled solution requires a bulky pair of hoses to be routed away from the mattress, to a set of toaster-oven sized cooling units sitting by the wall. The liquid solution requires maintenance that the Smart Topper does not, and has some danger of leaking while the Smart Topper relies on simple and effective air cooling. While testing, we appreciated the simplicity and clean look of the Smart Topper.

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