Women and Sleep: Common Issues Correlated to Hormonal Changes

Women and Sleep: Common Issues Correlated to Hormonal Changes

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It’s no surprise that sleep struggles are quite common, but did you know woman are significantly more likely? While there are numerous sleep disorders that could be plaguing your nightly snooze, Insomnia is most common and the most likely to impact woman. Hormonal stages at all points in a woman’s life are the primary reason she will struggle, with the likelihood increasing as she ages and reaches menopause. While there may be some comfort in knowing you are not alone, what’s knowing without understanding how to fix your insomnia. Here are a couple simple changes that can be implemented into your regular routine to support a longer, and deeper sleep:

  1. A cool and dark environment - we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, a cool room is one of the most important environmental impacts on your sleep. The first step is to ensure your body is comfortable, then you can tackle any other issues that may be arising.
  2. A consistent schedule - We are creatures of routine, we like it, our bodies like it, and it can significantly aid in achieving a full nights rest. Try to wake up at the same time each day, avoid napping during your day, and aim to tuck in at the same time each night. It won’t take long for body to get on schedule and without realizing it, your body will begin preparing itself for sleep each night.
  3. A commitment to movement - exercising does remarkable things for your body and overall health but it will also do wonders for your sleep. Moving everyday will ensure you’ve properly exhausted your body and lend itself to resting each night.

While we can all continue to make improvements to our routines, sleep conditions and issues may arise as a woman ages. We do recommend consulting your doctor to ensure your are taking all precautions to sleep soundly, each and every night.

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