What People Are Saying

Natasha G.

Worth every penny! My husband and I haven’t slept so well in ages. The duel zoning and schedule set up is brilliant. Easy to use app, easy to follow instructions for set up. The impeccable customer service cannot be beat.

Rita V.

Menopausal women will particularly love this product, and having dual heat / cooling control for either side of the bed is genius! Regardless of age, couples in general will find Smart Topper a fantastic addition to their beds...

How It Works

The Smart Topper fits on top of any standard size bed. Simply unbox, place on your existing mattress and make your bed as usual.

No bulky floor units or water! Located at the head of the Smart Topper, plug the power cords directly to any standard wall outlet.

Perfectly snug temperature controlled smart bed

Set your sleep temperature schedule with our Perfectly Snug app, and use the controls on the side of the topper for manual adjustments.

heating and cooling mattress pad helps climate control for partners

Your Smart Topper will automatically sense and adjust cooling and heating based on your body's temperature and each of your individual sleep preferences.

Sleep Better at the Perfect Temperature

Greatly improve your sleep quality

No more tossing and turning looking for a cold spot. Controlled airflow will keep you cool and at the right temperature.

Eliminate or reduce night time sweats

Controlled airflow keeps you cool and dry.


Dual Zone Controls

Separate controls for each side of the bed

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