The Smart Topper

Perfectly snug temperature controlled smart bed

Sleep at Your Ideal Temperature

Whether you struggle with night sweats or chills, or just want consistent deeper sleep, the Smart Topper will keep you at your ideal temperature all night, and your partner at theirs!

Gentle cooling airflow helps curb night sweats by keeping you cool and dry, while soft warming will keep your partner cozy.

Perfectly snug Cooling air conditioned smart bed

Smart Technology

The Smart Topper cools by gently blowing cool air under and around you. It can also heat you, and provides independent foot warming.

The Smart Topper senses your body temperature and auto-adjusts the amount of cooling or warming to ensure you stay comfortable all night.

Perfectly snug temperature controlled smart bed

Perfectly Snug App

Set preferences for each person using the Perfectly Snug App which can:
• Set your preferred overnight temperature plan
• Schedule preheating and sleep/wake times
• Choose optional foot heating

Easily adjust temperature settings using buttons on the sides of the Smart Topper during the night.


Easy Set Up

Simply place the Smart Topper on top of your mattress and plug it into a standard wall outlet.

Nothing on your floor hooked up to your bed. Simple. Clutter free.

Bedding Compatible

Place your fitted sheet directly over the Smart Topper and continue making your bed as you normally do. For the best cooling performance, use breathable sheets.


The Smart Topper is thin and flexible to substantially maintain the qualities of your underlying mattress. If you have a very soft mattress it may give it a bit more firmness and if you have a very firm mattress it may provide a softer top feeling.