Sleep Tip #3: Sleep in a Cool Room

Sleep Tip #3: Sleep in a Cool Room

It might be tempting to turn up the heat (especially in winter) and jump into a warm cozy bed, but did you know that the optimal bedroom sleep temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit? When we sleep, our internal body temperature actually lowers to initiate sleep. A cooler sleep environment can accelerate your body into lowering it’s internal temperature and naturally telling the body it is time for sleep. While asleep, a cooler environment will allow our bodies to get a good night’s rest and lower the amount of tossing and turning caused by overheating which actually interrupts our deep sleep and prevents us from waking up feeling fully rested. During the summer months this can be harder to achieve and is one of the main reasons the majority of us experience the most restless sleeps in warmer climates. 

Shameless plug: Our Perfectly Snug Smart Topper helps to keep you cool all night long even if the thermostat is rising (ahem, hello Summer!). There are small fans in the foot-end of the Smart Topper that pull cool air from the room and circulate it under your body and out through the bedding, removing heat and excess humidity.

The Smart Topper monitors the temperature of the sleeper’s body using a network of temperature sensors and automatically controls the amount of cooling to keep you at your desired temperature.

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