How to Set a Sleep Routine and Why it's Important

How to Set a Sleep Routine and Why it's Important

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Did you know that creating a sleep routine helps us fall asleep and wake up more easily? We know, life can get hectic and it can be hard to keep a consistent schedule, let alone going to bed at the same time every night - but it’s worth incorporating for a better sleep! Keeping a consistent sleep schedule helps maintain our body’s circadian rhythm so our bodies know when to start winding down and waking up - naturally. 

Creating a night time routine helps the body and brain get ready for sleep. Give yourself 30-60 minutes to start a routine that has you relaxing. This could be anything from a bath or shower, starting your evening skincare ritual, reading a book, or journaling. Creating a routine helps signal to your body that it’s time to start winding down and preparing for sleep. 

Pro Tip:

Don’t get into bed until it’s time to sleep. The bed is just for sleep and sex. By doing other activities in bed, it trains our bodies to get used to doing activities in bed rather than just sleeping. By only sleeping and having sex in bed, the body will automatically know what to do when your head hits the pillow.

Resist the temptation to hit snooze every morning, and work on getting into the habit of waking up at the same time every morning. It can be tempting to roll out of bed at 8:50am for that 9am meeting, but don’t! When we wake up at the same time every morning, our biological clock will start to understand when it’s time to wake up and tell us when it’s time for bed.

Even if creating a routine is hard, even little things can make a huge difference like setting your alarm clock for the same time every morning (even on weekends). It helps keep our body’s circadian rhythm in sync.