Dear sleep, I’m sorry we broke up. I want you back!” — Anonymous

Dear sleep, I’m sorry we broke up. I want you back!” — Anonymous

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I love sleep…it used to be my best friend, my go-to happy place, my escape. 

I was once interviewed for the business section by our local newspaper. As a final question, the reporter asked, “What is your most favorite thing?”  My reply, “A nap in the afternoon”.

Fast forward to 2009, “my favorite thing” sleep and I broke up.

No doubt, my sleep disorders were brought about by compounded devastating life circumstances, as well as age-related changes. Losing my ability to sleep has been life altering which has affected  me for over 12 years. 

2019 was a hectic year for me. Relocating alone to a new state, a new job, several significant personal losses, grief, working 12-18 hour days - this all amounted to a recipe for disaster. 

By March 2020, as the global pandemic swept the world, my sleep, or lack thereof, deeply worsened.For months I found myself experiencing terrible sleep quality. When I finally found sleep I dreamt that I was working. When I was working in the middle of the day I would fall asleep out of nowhere. My bed became the hub of my existence: I used it for sleep, a dining table (when I would eat) and my full-time office when I worked. This is not what an abundant life is made of. Trapped alone in a new place with a crazy demanding job I felt completely and utterly lost, questioning every decision I had made that past year.

I knew I was suffering from cumulative exhaustion and in need of specialized help.Copious research led me to the right medical professional and after lengthy discussions with her and a myriad of physical tests, the first thing she said to me was, “Our first order of business is to get your sleep hygiene under control.”  WHAT, WHAT IS THAT?  While I get what hygiene means, I had never heard the word hygiene related to sleep.

Thus began my quest to discover and learn about all things sleep and its effect on the mind and body.  One aspect of my sleep hygiene that needed to be fixed immediately was my temperature in bed. I overheated everynight and this made me toss and turn restlessly all night. It was torture!

I was on the hunt to find the best bedding products available. I bought whatever I thought would solve my temperature discomfort - countless dollars spent, and absolutely nothing worked.

After many searches and product fails, I discovered the Perfectly Snug Smart Topper. I believe the universe aligns sometimes; this was that moment, the one when you find an amazing solution. From the first night I was hooked. I thought the magic carpet had just rolled in and unbelievably I slept soundly through the night for the first time in 12 years. 

is the Sleep Smart System that will

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