Sleep Cool With the Smart Topper

Perfectly snug Cooling air conditioned smart bed

I'm Always Hot!

Is this you? You need the Smart Topper!

It will keep you cool and dry and help you sleep well all night. It works! Many hot sleepers are now resting all night rather than tossing and turning on a hot mattress.

What is the Cooling Like?

When the Smart Topper is cooling, the surface of the bed under you will feel cool – even cold – and will not heat up. The topper monitors your body temperature while you sleep and auto-adjusts the amount of cooling airflow you receive and can provide some heat if you happen to get cold.

You can set the temperature you prefer, and each side of the bed has independent climate control! Your cold partner can be heated while you are cooled.

Thermal harmony has been achieved!

air flows through the cooling mattress topper

How Does it Cool Me?

There are small fans in the foot-end of the Smart Topper that pull cool air from the room and circulate it under your body and out through the bedding, removing heat and excess humidity.

The Smart Topper monitors the temperature of the sleeper’s body using a network of temperature sensors and automatically controls the amount of cooling to keep you at your desired temperature.

Does It Work?

Yes it does!

The gentle airflow through the Smart Topper is very effective at keeping you cool so that you will have deeper and more restful sleep.

Many hot-sleepers have found the Perfectly Snug Smart Topper to be a “life saver”. Those struggling with night sweats are sleeping cool and dry.

Those experiencing hot flashes report that they have stopped or been greatly reduced at night!