Perfectly Snug

How It Works


Whether you struggle with night sweats or chills, or just want to maximize your sleep comfort, the Snug Topper can be customized to help you achieve your best sleep. 

Gentle cooling airflow can help curb night sweats by keeping you cool and dry, while soft warming can help you feel comfortable all night long.  


The Snug Topper sits on top of your preferred mattress, under your fitted sheet and plugs into the wall with a regular power outlet.  

Using a connected wifi device or manual controls, you can set your preferred sleep temperature throughout the three sleep phases, set up a schedule so your bed can begin cooling or warming before you get into bed, and enjoy other features such as the foot warmer or cool /warm bursts. 

Using sensors, the Snug Topper reads your body temperature and cools or warms depending on what your sleep preferences are; ensuring you can get a good night's sleep without the need to adjust your temperature settings.

The Snug Topper has two layers: one that distributes the temperature conditioned air, and a second that provides maximum comfort while dispersing the air; resulting in the perfect sleep environment customized to you. 



  • Cools by blowing air under and around the sleeper
  • Warms by heating the sleep surface and gently circulating warm air under the sleeper
  • Dual-zone climate control to customize either side of the bed
  • Three sleep settings to adjust your cooling or warming preferences as you fall asleep, while you sleep, and as you wake up
  • Specialized materials that conform to the properties of your mattress
  • Automated to start and stop with your sleep schedule
  • Burst maximum cool or warm air for quick relief 
  • Foot warming option on each side of the bed
  • Canadian designed and manufactured