Perfectly Snug

I'm Always Cold!

Are You Always Cold?

You are usually cold, but your partner is hot. You want to turn up the thermostat but your partner says, “no way!”

The Snug Topper is your solution! It will keep you warm while keeping your partner cool!

What is it Like?

The Snug Topper can automatically preheat your side of the bed so that you climb into a cozy warm bed. You can even have a little extra warmth at your feet if you turn on the foot heater. No more cold feet and shivering!

Meanwhile your partner can experience laying on a cooled surface with gentle airflow removing heat and moisture only on their side of the bed. You can both sleep well using the same blankets no longer fighting over the thermostat setting!

My First Night

How Does It Work?

The Snug Topper is equipped with a body and a foot heater keep you toasty warm. For your hot-sleeper partner, there are small fans in the foot of the bed that pull cool air from the room and circulate it under their body and out through the bedding, removing heat and excess humidity.

Your body temperature is measured through the night using a network of temperature sensors and the Topper automatically controls the amount of cooling or heating needed to keep you at your desired temperature.

How It Works

Does It Work?

Yes! The Snug Topper is effective at keeping each person at their ideal temperature. No more wasted nights feeling cold while your partner is too hot. You will smile each night when you climb into your preheated bed and sleep soundly as the Snug Topper lowers the temperature to your ideal temperature and maintains it through the night.

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