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How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule

How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule
It’s unrealistic to think everyday looks the same for us. Life gets in the way and sometimes, your sleep is the first thing to get compromised. That said, how can you get yourself back on a proper sleep schedule to avoid daily fatigue and nighttime insomnia? Relaxation + Consistency are the keys to get you back on track. 
  1. Relaxation 

One of the most important things you can do for your sleep is unplug before bedtime. Turn off the devices and implement a relaxing activity that will signal to your body it’s time for bed. Some of our favourites? A warm bath, a good book, or turning on a calming podcast (then put the phone away!). Whatever activity you choose, make sure to make it routine. By sticking to the same pre-bed ritual, you’ll establish a signal to your body to prepare for sleep. If you’re looking for some inspiration to setting up your routine, check out out our post on how to set up a sleep routine
  1. Consistency

The reason your sleep schedule is off is because you’re not practicing consistency. Unfortunately, sacrificing sleep on weekdays and thinking you can catch up on your weekend doesn’t work. Your body needs to rest each and every day. How to keep things consistent? Make yourself a realistic bedtime for everyday of the week and stick to it. Schedule in your bedtime to your calendar and set a notification to tell yourself it’s time for bed. When you have this time blocked off in your calendar, you’ll be mindful of not scheduling plans that may interrupt. By enforcing sleep at the same time every night, you’ll ensure your circadian rhythm stays on track. Soon enough, your body will show you it’s tired each night and you’ll be ready for snoozing. 


Following these simple strategies can establish a strong sleep schedule that have you feeling well rested and ready to face each day!