A Cold Sleeper’s First Night

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If you tend to be cold when getting into bed, then setting up the scheduler to automatically preheat your topper before getting into bed is recommended.  The topper will start heating up 1 hour before the time that you specify in the scheduler so that it is warm for you at the set time. 

The heater in the topper is low powered to ensure safe operation and slowly heats up the bedding.  Do not expect instant heat as it can take 20 minutes to perceive the heating and 60 minutes to get to a noticeably warm temperature.  Also, be aware that once the bedding is heated up it can take up to 15 minutes of cooling to reduce the temperature.  The fans will not run while the topper is heating.

For best results from preheating, cover your bed with a thick duvet (comforter) during the preheat time.  If there are no blankets on top of your bed while heating is on, there is nothing to retain the heat in the bed and it will not heat up much or at all.

Also, it is best to ensure that the area immediately around the control interface on the side of the topper is free of thick blankets or pillows.  Please see ‘topper setup’ for more information.  If the controller is covered with thick insulation, then the heater performance will be limited to ensure nothing overheats.

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