Perfectly Snug

The Snug Topper

$ 999 USD

The Snug Topper is an air-conditioned mattress topper, designed to monitor your body and adjust to keep you at the perfect temperature - all night long.

Managed through the Perfectly Snug app, the Snug Topper can be set to your desired temperature to help cool or warm each side of the bed.

Enjoy cooling comfort to temper your night sweats, or a gentle warmth to help keep you cozy. 

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Can't sleep without it!

I could never sleep well because my mattress got so hot. I tried a couple different mattresses that were supposed to be 'cool'. No go. I would even sleep on the floor in the summer just to get some sleep. I've been sleeping on a Snug Topper for 5 months now. I have never slept so well. My wife likes it too - foot warmer makes her smile. Totally worth it. It works.

Canada Canada
Overall amazing product

My experience with the Snug topper has been awesome! First of all, the build quality of the topper itself is very good. Everything about it seems super well built, and I'm sure it will stand the test of time. The materials used are really good quality, and the surface of the topper is quite comfortable. The cooling works great! The fans are pretty much silent, and even at the highest setting they aren't very noticeable. The cool air is evenly distributed, and it cools you enough that you aren't hot but aren't freezing either. The cooling underneath you is something you have to feel for yourself, because it's just super! The heating is nice too, though I don't use it much cause I'm hot 'by default'. The bed is actually warm to the touch when the heat is on. The free app that you use to control it is real simple, and it's basically a remote for the bed. You don't have to use the app very often though, just to set it up the first time, or to change settings. There's a schedule within the app that you can set up too so the bed turns on at a specific time, which is a must-have, and you can boost the foot heater, or make the fans quieter etc. Setting up the bed and getting stuff going through the app was a breeze, and it was quite intuitive. Overall the tech aspect of the product was really seamless, so props to the devs who made it as simple as could be. Also, the comfort and squishiness of the topper was great. I have an old uncomfortable mattress that's as hard as a rock, and the topper made it a lot better. So if you're on the edge about shelling out the money for this thing, I'll say that you absolutely cannot go wrong with this! Joshua

Canada Canada
Wonderfully warm for me, crisply cool for my hubby!

I get a smile on my face every night when I don't have to climb into a bed with frigid sheets - it's so cosy! My side of the bed stays warm through the night, and my husband's side stays cooler for him. We used to wake up in the night with a mound of blankets between us (him having pushed them off because he was too hot), but now we sleep comfortably using the same blankets on both of us.

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Love it!

The snug topper works amazing! My husband’s snoring has almost gone away because of the cool mode and my feet are always warm! It’s of excellent quality and also super comfortable. Since we got it we are sleeping much better. Highly recommend!

Canada Canada
Sleeping better

Fall and winter are cold in Ontario, but having this topper to pre-warm my bed this time of year is great! No more trying to get warm for the first half hour or longer; especially my feet, even with socks on! You get to sleep! When I used to finally get warm and fall asleep; suddenly I'd awake, too warm, take my socks off and remove or partially remove the blanket pending on how hot I got! NO MORE! Pre-setting the topper changed all that! Yayyy! Summer season...we have A/C but the mattress is still hot!...this topper let me sleep cool as I wanted, no hot mattress keeping me awake to toss and turn! Husband said...he is sleeping better since he is getting up earlier in the morning. It’s good for both of us…