Perfectly Snug

User Interface

Perfectly Snug Air Conditioned Mattress Topper

User Interface Details

user interface

 The Perfectly Snug Mattress Topper is generally controlled using your smart phone, tablet, or computer using a web browser that is pointed to http://perfectlysnug.local

Note that each side of the bed (ie the topper) can be controlled by touching one of the icons on the top left.   The selected side will show in blue. 

The bed operates through three sequential phases: Start, Sleep, and Wake.   Each phase may be separately adjusted by touching the line and sliding it up and down.  The number displayed indicates levels of cooling or warming.  Cooling is indicated in blue, warming in orange.

Once the desired levels have been set, touching the run button (the angle chevron inside the grey box toward the bottom) will initiate operation of the Topper.

If the bed has scheduling enabled (see Settings), then the bed will begin operating automatically at the preset bed time.

User Interface Left

Each side of the bed can be individually controlled and the settings for each side of the bed maintained in the Perfectly Snug Topper.   To set the controls of the other side of the bed, select the other bedside icon located in the top left corner of the screen.  The controls for this side of the bed operate the same as explained above.


User Interface progress bar

The progress of the operation cycle of the air-conditioned Snug Topper is shown by the orange bar located near the top of the graphical display.

When the bed is running the run indicator (the square button near below the graphical display) shows in blue and the chevron moves according the what the bed is currently doing (downward blue for cooling, upward orange for warming).

Touching the Settings icon located at the top-right of the screen will display the Settings page where various parameters of the bed operation may be set, including scheduling.


Each side of the bed has its own Settings parameters.  Select the side of the bed you want to edit by clicking one of  the bedside icons before making any entries.

"Schedule Enable" engages the automated start and stop of operation.  The Bed Time and Wake Time as well as which days are active for those times can be set.

Start and Wake times correspond to the time length of Start and Wake on the main controls page.

Engaging "Quiet Mode" limits the maximum blower speed to reduce noise to nearly inaudible.  The slide turns blue when engaged.

The Foot Heater has three levels.  Level 0 is off.

Speaker Vol controls the volume of the level indicator sounds of the up and down buttons located on the sides of the Topper.

Touching "CONFIGURE WIFI" loads a page where you can connected your Perfectly Snug Topper to your home network.

Although it is possible to connect a smartphone or tablet directly to the bed without a home wifi network, it is best to connect it to a home wifi network if it is available.

Enter the SSID of your home network as well as the password of the home network.   

The Topper can be addressed using a web browser that is addressed to http://perfectlysnug.local, simply perfectlysnug.local 

However if you have more than one Perfectly Snug Topper, you may want to give it a different unique name and set a password for accessing the bed. (You may leave the Topper Password blank).  One you have changed the name, you can address the bed as http://newname.local where newname is the new name you have chosen.

Click "Save Settings" to save these settings to the bed.

Once these settings have been saved, turn off both sides of the bed, then turn them back on.  The bed will connect to your home network and can be addressed using a web browser on your phone, table, or computer.