Perfectly Snug

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Snug Topper cool and warm? 

Yes, the Snug Topper can cool or warm to your preference. 

How does the Snug Topper cool?

Fans embedded at the foot of the Snug Topper provide ambient airflow below the sleeper, keeping the surface and the sleeper cool and dry. 

How does the Snug Topper warm? 

The heating system in the Snug Topper is distributed over the entire surface.  At a low setting, the amount of heat is not easily perceived; however, a typical cold sleeper requires very little heat over the night to be comfortable. 

How do you wash the Snug Topper?

The Snug Topper has a removable cover that can be washed in cold water in a large home washing machine, and dried on the cool setting in a dryer. Laundromats or dry cleaners are a great alternative if your home washing machine is not large enough. 

To purchase a replacement cover, contact us.

Will I be able to hear the Snug Topper when it's on?

The Snug Topper is very quiet with little to no noticeable noise. There is a slight audible white noise when cooling engages or is at maximum force.

Do I need Wifi to operate the Snug Topper?

It's recommended to use wifi to set up the Snug Topper and maximize its benefits; however, the Snug Topper can be adjusted using manual controls which are located at the side. 

Is a smart phone required to operate the Snug Topper?

To maximize the benefits of the Snug Topper, including cooling, warming, and scheduling features, the Snug Topper is best managed through the Perfectly Snug App. 

Will the Snug Topper change the firmness of my bed / mattress?

Made of thin, flexible materials, the Snug Topper is engineered to compliment your preferred mattress firmness so that your firm bed will remain firm, and your soft bed will remain soft. 

Is there an external air-conditioning or control unit? 

There is no external control unit - all you need is the Snug Topper, and the low-voltage power adapter.

Is the Snug topper safe?

Yes. The Snug Topper is extremely safe to use, and has met all certification standards. Safety features include:

  • 24 VDC maximum voltage in the topper - Touch safe voltage that doesn't create oscillating magnetic fields.
  • Safe power level - One power adaptor per side of the bed to limit the power to a safe level which eliminates creating a spark or harmful electrical shock.
  • Limited temperature - The temperature of the heater wire and sleep surface are monitored with redundant systems to provide 3 levels of thermal protection.  
  • Liquid sensing - If a large volume of liquid is spilled on the topper, sensitive electronics are protected and will shut down when liquid is sensed.
  • Testing and Certification - The Snug Topper has been examined by 3rd Party Certifiers for electrical safety and product performance.