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The Smart Topper that lets you sleep at your perfect temperature every night.

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Imagine a Life with Consistently Great Sleep

The world's first Smart Topper that adjusts cooling & heating while you sleep.

The Smart Topper patented cooling mattress topper is a 2-inch layer that sits on top of your mattress with internal fans that propel air under and against your body. The amount of cooling or heating automatically adjusts based on built-in sensors to keep you at your preferred temperature all night long.

Temperature is one of the biggest sleep disruptors...

Perfectly Snug has your Back. Literally.

Easy Setup

Place it on the bed, plug in & you're ready to go.

"I Can't Imagine My Life Without It"

"Amazing product! After 1 week using the mattress topper, my wife said 'best purchase ever!' Thanks for keeping me out of the doghouse."

Richard G

“I am obsessed with the Perfectly Snug topper. It gets 5 stars. It’s changed my ability to sleep.”

Sophie U.

“We love this topper! Keeps us cool on the hottest nights and days (nightshifter!!). We both sleep so much better now!”

Gina D.

"Worth every penny! We haven’t slept so well in ages. The duel zoning & schedule setup is brilliant. Impeccable customer service!"

Natasha G.

“No more waking up in a hot flash or freezing cold! I love that there's 2 zones as my husband & I are very different temperatures!”

Sally S.

Try 30-Days Risk Free!

We're so confident that The Smart Topper will improve your quality of sleep and eliminate or reduce night time sweats or hot flashes that we are offering a 30-Day Sleep Guarantee. If you don't love the Smart Topper within 30 nights, we'll take it back and refund you the purchase price.

Hear what healthcare providers are saying:

Hear what healthcare providers are saying:

“As a clinical psychologist and insomnia specialist, I found that the Perfectly Snug Smart Topper helps in reducing sleep disturbances and improving sleep efficiency.”

Dr. Kristen Casey


View our size guide here.

Yes it does, unlike some of our competitors. We recommend using our bed-corner straps-included with the topper- to hold it in place.

The Smart Topper works with all breathable sheets. We recommend cotton, bamboo or linen. Try breathing through the sheets and if it is easy then it will work! We don't recommend using mattress protectors over the Smart Topper or it will hinder the airflow.

The Smart Topper is powered by low voltage DC power from a power brick that plugs into any standard wall outlet. The power supply will work in any country.

The cover of the Smart Topper can be washed.

Learn more about washing details here.

The Smart Topper is nearly silent when cooling is at a low level. At 50% level of cooling it’s equivalent to a forced air household heating noise. At full cooling, it sounds similar to a stand-alone fan running in the room.

The level of cooling selected will determine how loud the fans will run. If you're sensitive to sound, there is a fan limiter setting in the app that constrains the fans to run at a maximum speed of your choice.

Yes! We designed the Smart Topper to be thin enough to retain the comfort characteristics of your existing bed, however, if you have a particularly soft bed will notice that the Smart Topper makes your bed firmer.

We offer free shipping within the USA and Canada on all Smart Topper orders.

Sleep on it for 30 nights risk free! If you don't love the Smart Topper within 30 nights, we'll take it back and refund you the purchase price.

The Smart Topper cools using room-temperature air, so, the cooler the room, the more effective the cooling effects will be. The Smart Topper is effective in a room of up to 79F/26C. If the room temperature is above this, the cooling is less effective as it will be using warm air.  

The Smart Topper can allow you to spend less on AC, by simply adjusting the temperature setting in your home by a couple degrees. It uses very little energy averaging 20 W to cool each side of the bed - about 2 cents per night!

Please note that the Smart Topper does not replace air conditioning or heating as it does not change the temperature of the room overall.

The Smart Topper is much more than a mattress! A mattress can't actively cool or regulate your temperature. Unique features like adaptive cooling and heating, smart sensors to monitor your temperature, and scheduled sleep settings requires specially developed technology and materials. 

The Smart Topper is a high quality, North American made product that comes with a high level of service and care. 

We offer a 1 year "bumper to bumper" warranty. This means that if you run into any issues with your Smart Topper during normal wear and tear, we'll cover it. This includes any material or workmanship defect in your Smart Topper in the cover, foam, mesh material, or electronic defects in the sensors, wiring heaters, or fans. Your satisfaction with our product is our top priority. Learn more about our warranty here.

The Smart Topper is designed and made by Perfectly Snug in our facility in British Columbia, Canada. 

Every Smart Topper is produced to Perfectly Snug's high quality standards and is fully tested before shipping.

The Smart Topper complies with all North American safety standards and has been 3rd party tested and approved.

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